I need help in choosing a nursing home for my mother who suffers from dementia.I have tour the Methodist Church Nursing Home and Francis Schervier in the Bronx NY. Please advise on these facilities .

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I spent five months searching for the best nursing home for my mother. I found a very impressive and beautiful nursing home. However, it was over an hour drive from our home town. My mother did well for the first few weeks then she had to share her room. She then stopped eating, wouldn't get out of her bed and her health started to go down. I took her out to the nursing home and let her stay with me. She will be going to a nursing home in our home town. This nursing home is not as nice as the first but my mother seems more happy with this nursing home and that's because it is in our home town. My mother told me she felt very lonely in the first nursing home. So there are many factors to take into consideration when searching for nursing homes for our loved ones.

We don't have a way to advise you on specific facilities, but here are two articles on nursing homes:

The main points, from my perspective, are to visit at different times of the day and observe. Do the staff treat one another with respect? Are the residents treated respectfully? Ask for references, too. If you get one negative, don't take that fully as the end. But if all you get are negatives, then you may want to look elsewhere.

Your own observations, plus a friendly but obvious presence in your loved one's life after admission, are ways to help find and then ensure good care.

Be realistic, but expect the best care possible. The articles may help you some.

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