In my job, I sometimes deal with clients who are...let's just say a wee bit haughty and egocentric. I used to have a Post-It pad that read, "Dr. Kervorkian called. He can fit you in next Tuesday." I only used those precious Post-Its when I was replying to a client I didn't like anymore.

None of them ever suspected, but my staff knew and they thought it was hysterically funny. All these years later, I watched a documentary about him and I thought what a compassionate, practical, loving man he was for what he did. Now that I'm caring for seniors who claw at my arms and tell me how they wish they would die, I have more respect for his work than ever before.

Why don't we have a choice in our own lives? Why don't we have a choice about our own deaths? How can that be fair? Even Patrick Henry said, "Give me Liberty or give me Death." C'mon America!

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My SIL is a dr who believes in Dr assisted suicide. It's not legal in our state, so we joke between us, when I am having a bad day, if I want to take a trip to Oregon with him.

Yes, very dark humor, but I refuse to be a burden to my family when the time comes.

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