Caregiver's cats behaving badly. -

Caregiver's cats behaving badly.


Does your Cat (or any pet) misbehave since caregiving your loved one?
Have you been required to take care of your loved one's pet after they have passed? Does your pet have cute antics that entertain your loved one?
And finally, has the cat or dog transferred their loyalty to your Mother?



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As the feral cat who hangs out here now rested on the front lawn as I turned into the driveway tonight, a possum ran up the driveway so
I rolled my window down and said, hey, don't you have a rat to chase ?

Flea season is upon us, so I am repeating the natural recipe from last year:

Use every means possible, it is not a one time thing.
Place a piece of a fleas collar inside the vacumn cleaner bag.
Spray an online product called "Cedarcide" on bedding, carpet, on your shoes, socks, even lightly on your skin.
Using an essential oil mixture:
In a spray bottle (2 ounce), blend the following essential oils:
8 drops Cedarwood or Sandalwood.
10 drops Basil.
10 drops Frankincense.
8 drops Geranium.
12 drops Lavender.

One will have to see if this actually kills fleas, prevents their eggs from hatching, or just prevents fleas from jumping on a person and biting. But it is natural, except for the flea collar.
Vacumn every day.

DD picked up Bella to go home today.. and Chloe was already so much calmer when I got home from work. I am looking forward to only one dog in bed tonight.. and not on the pillow squishing my head into my neck! And no growling and nipping from Bella.. she is not really into sharing her space and her people ( she lived with us for 7 years and visits weekly) we really hoped a younger dog would be good for her as well as us.. nope,, Bella is a bully!

It was the single claw appearing at the edge of the towel roll that I especially remembered, Send - and the ensuing armageddon!

Send, my two cats (one in particular) like to chew on plastic, mostly plastic bags in the small trash cans. The former cat-mom told me this is a long standing habit for them. I think they just like the texture in their mouth? Because they're not eating much if any of the bag, just chewing up the edges.

It could be menopause after her spaying.
Thanks for answering FF.

Poor Nala, she is also bored. I know now that I should have adopted her sister, also one year old and identical.

Sendhelp, usually with a cat teething [losing their baby teeth] happens earlier on. Have the Vet take a peek into the cat's mouth to see if there is a tooth issue, a baby tooth that won't shake look, or a sore gum that just feels better is the cat is chewing on something hard.

It could also be stress. Or if the cat was sprayed recently, she might be going through menopause. I chewed everybody's head off I was so grumpy :P

Is this normal?
The 12 month old cat is chewing! It looks like teething dog behavior, quite aggressively chewing the side/lid of a plastic file container.

Is it teething?
Does it have worms?
Does it have brain damage from heat stroke before she was adopted?
Is it a side effect of withdrawing from anesthesia/spaying surgery?

Is she a psycho cat?

I read that today, CW, after I tried to give to him in food. And I just looked at the little bowl of dosed food I tried to give Divo, and one of them ate some of it. Next time I'll put it on the paw to make him lick it off.

There are a lot of good tips in the reviews on Amazon about this product. I bought it at the local PetSmart store, but always good to read about the experience of others using it.

I think the major active ingredient is tryptophan, the stuff in turkey and milk that makes one sleepy... and theanine, which is found in green tea... and ashwagandha. The fourth active ingredient is one I've never heard of, Eleuthero root.

I used to take theanine and ashwagandha during the caregiving years, they're natural anti-anxiety.

Ali the directions say you can put it on a paw so they'll lick it up when grooming (I think I'd mix it with a little smear of food).

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