Caregiver's cats behaving badly.


Does your Cat (or any pet) misbehave since caregiving your loved one?
Have you been required to take care of your loved one's pet after they have passed? Does your pet have cute antics that entertain your loved one?
And finally, has the cat or dog transferred their loyalty to your Mother?



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Oh. One more thing. The kitchen towel that our cat Amber brought to the yard is a very nice one with pictures of beautiful birds on it. My MIL wanted it. DH said we couldn't give her because that would be passing along stolen merchandise. Haha.

Wonder if we could train the cat to bring over $$$. Hehe.

I had been finding things in my backyard that didn't belong to us. A empty soda can, a coffee cup, an old rag, a kitchen towel, a pair of old sock, I was so puzzled and somewhat alarmed that perhaps we had a squatter that stayed in the backyard at night.

Then my husband saw our feral cat Amber dragging another towel to our yard and playing with it.

So all this time, she was bringing us gifts.... Hahaha.

The cats and I are being LA-ZY today. I seem to be using the new place as an excuse to do nothing for a bit. :-) I have a bed, a shower, a kitchen... I'm good for the moment and it's nice to see how well the cats are doing in the new spot. They were weirded out on the day of the move this past Tuesday but they got over it pretty quickly. Right now they're both in the bed with me and we're chilling out, relaxin' to the maxin.

The ringworm spot was never officially Dx'd but I can't imagine what else it is and I started treatment with anti fungal cream. It's looking much better. Old Man Cat is still getting sick every other day, despite my taking out all the fish I could see in their food. He's doing better than before I took out all the things that included fish, or fish meal, but he still has mystery sick moments. :-(

I think they've accepted me fully as Fearless Cat Leader Mom, since they didn't mind being in a new place as long as I was here to reassure them. :-) They're the best. We're having the laziest Sunday right meow. I wish all of you the same with your pets.

Thank You.
No more moaning at night. He still seems a little sad but nothing like the other night.

I just have to make sure I spend more time with him since he has no doggie buddies.

Not real sure I am up for adopting him a pal. But if I was it would definitely be an older dog.

lizzywho61, my heartfelt sympathy to you and the black Lab.

I have been through the mourning of numerous cats. Always had at least 2 to 4 cats at any given time. This last time, Charlie's sister, 17 year old cat [litter mate] was into her final week, he was beside himself as he and Sara were constantly together for those 17 years. Afterwards he didn't want to eat, play... just sleep. He was now the lone cat in the house.

We decided to go to the local animal shelter and see if we could find him a new "elderly" companion. We adopted a 12 year old female cat, and he was calmer knowing there was another cat in the house, the two of them would stalk each other for play. I know we have extended Charlie's life plus giving an elderly cat a good home.

Do to our age [early 70's], we decided that "elderly" cats were the best route, as we cannot see ourselves changing cat litter at 85 or 90 years old !!

Thanks CM,

I read online and as usual contradicting articles. One says carry on as usual not to encourage behaviors. The other more compassionate approach.

I found a ball and he got all excited, tossed it in the yard and he just looked at me. He just wanted a pet.

I got everything out for a bath. He was all excited until he realized the Bath was for him and he took off. I decided to wait until the weekend on the Bath.

Just lots of pets, cuddles, and go from there.

Its good to know others have experienced this mourning phenomenon. We like to think of our pets as almost human or have human feelings or something similar. I am now convinced they do.

Oh Lizzywho this is just AWFUL. I'm so sorry.

I can give you two examples, if not quite the same.

Lab collie cross who had never howled in her life (she was about five when this happened) the day after my father passed away sat in the car outside my parents' house and howled her head off.

Head hen, DeeDee, in good health herself, saw me returning home from the vet with her deceased second-in-command, Dolly, in the late afternoon; went straight to her nest box, and was dead when I went to tuck the ladies in at sunset. I can only think that she knew her reign was over and took the noble way out.

Most of my late Staffy's dog friends have seemed to extend some sort of sympathy to me when I meet them out-and-about.

I should ask your vet (if your vet is trustworthy and not the type to think "ker-chingg!") about extra support suggestions and, as you say, administer love and cuddles and normality. Not sure whether it would be better to keep familiar toys, blankets, etc. around for their smell or remove them? - whichever seems more comforting, I suppose.

Love and cuddles to you too 💔

Hi Everyone,
Our 15 yrold Chocolate Lab passed away last summer. Our 12 yr old Yellow Lab passed away yesterday. That leaves us with a 10 yr old Black Lab.

Last night at straight up 11pm I heard what sounded like a human moaning outside my bedroom window. Went out to find the Lab sprawled out on porch head down moaning. At first I thought he was dying but no he popped up and was fine.

I sat and petted him and he tried to get in my lap!

I guess I have a pet in mourning on my hands. I have never experienced pet mourning.

I guess this call for lots of one on one time and TLC.

Any experiences with pet mourning the death of another family pet? I thought this only happened in the movies. Wrong again...

Ringworm is a fungal skin infection, NOT A PARASITE. 😲 I was confused. But this spot that Divo has looks very much like the pics online of ringworm on cats. I'll treat it with cream.

Also, it says that the infection will usually resolve itself, even with no treatment, in 2-4 months time. But I'll get some anti fungal cream and put it on the spot.

It's a great relief to know it's not a parasite. Either way, he's got to get into the vet soonish so I can get him checked out.

Ringworm is very easy to treat Ali; but it's also extremely visible on humans and you can't cover up everything. Pop him along to the vet before you catch it just before your next interview.

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