Caregivers behaving badly.

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Oh dear I would love to be a Brat but the guilt would consume me!
Oh yes Lucky, that definitely counts. You are a true brat! :)
Maybe think of it as confession being good for the soul? I have two. First - early on when I figured out my mom wasn't showering I bought her a lovely bottle of perfume- light, fresh, CLEAN scent and expensive. After many months I could tell she never even tried it. So I took it back - without telling her. She never mentioned it disappearing. No. 2 - mom is asleep most often when I go to visit. Occasionally I'll tippy-toe around her room for about ten minutes then say to myself "guess I'll go - she's not going to wake up". Then pray I can get out of the room before something does wake her up! Sooo bratty!!!
Wait up, Luckylu! Did hubby eat all the bread? Ok, it really really counts!

Overwhelm, It may take awhile for you, it's gonna take some work on your part. You can be a brat by association in the meanrime, so welcome here!

Gershun, U. R. a really bad brat! Lol.
That's brat buddy, not bad buddy. Guess some of us might have to wait til the movie "Bad Moms" premiers to take lessons on how to be a bad brat.

When my son was about 4th grade, his math teacher called me in, shoved the last failed math test at me, and asked,"What would you do if you were handed a test paper that looked like this?" I answered by criticizing the tiny typed font he expected students to fill in, show their work, in such a tiny space, and said I would fix the test so the students could read it.. Uh oh, guess I was a bad Mom way back then. But my son's grades improved! Just a brat then too.
Okay I have a brat story. Once I went on a job interview for a dental receptionist position. I had and have no dental experience apart from going to one as a patient. The interview was not going well at all, then suddenly an alarm went off. The man interviewing me went to check it out and while he was gone I snuck over to his side of the desk to see what he was writing about me. It wasn't good, so I just left. LOL
Gershun that's not brattish - just a very sensible saving of everyone's time and blushes.

As long as he's not still looking for you.
Churchmouse I hope not for his sake. That was over 30 years ago. :)
Hi Guys! This is funny and what a great stress reliever to sometimes just do something a bit bratty! Turn some of the brochures upside down in a waiting room if you are getting bad service somewhere. Unplug a harasser's Christmas lights,... the possibilities are endless!
Another thing Hubs and I do when we are out shopping is if we see any magazine covers with a Kardashian on the cover we turn them around so the back is facing us. Tee hee...........

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