Caregivers behaving badly.

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I'm still up- wish I had seen this earlier - I love a good joke
Rainmom, Welcome here! Maybe it was a plate of tacos? Lol.

Ms. Madge, welcome! Are you going to be a brat too?
I'll probably start by being late for work tomorrow
I am going to start by quitting any kind of caregiving whatsoever, and then buy that book on the art of not giving a (four letter word), rhyming with duck. There really is a book.
I did refuse to smell the breath of my mother's dog when she shoved her dog in my face as I was bent over helping her with dressing telling me "Smell her breath". I did however take the dog to the vet.
Rainmom's post brought to mind all of the controversy about transgender people using the bathroom. I have to wonder what some men think goes on in the ladies room, I can't say I have ever seen someone in any degree undressed. Well, maybe back in my bar hopping days, but those women were just as dishevelled when they went back out into the bar ;)
I don't think I would make a very good rebel, I can't imagine anything that wouldn't target the wrong people or bounce back on me.
Leave the frig door open? That would have just left me shutting the door hours (days?) later, then cleaning up the spoiled food and the water on the floor.
Leave the toilet seat up? You can bet I'd be the one to accidentally sit in the toilet bowl!
Hmmm, leave the AC at a mom comfortable 85 degrees for the psw when I go out today? No, that would just be cruel. LOL
Last night I was filling in for a caregiver at my Dad's senior living facility.... on the way to the bathroom my Dad changed the thermostat to 80 degrees and flipped the dial to heat.... oh good grief.... but while he was in the bathroom I changed the thermostat to 78 degrees and put it back to A/C.

To me, that was being a rebel :P
Today, I am going to call up M e d I c a r e and thank them for their excellent service. Hoping to get through on a busy Monday.

Then, I will be needing another brat buddy to help pick me up off the floor after ROTFLOL.
cwillie, No worries, you may be badder than you think with that intelligent wit. Caregivers will already have a keen understanding of the consequences of any type of behavior, under the rule: "No good deed goes unpunished".

And thank you for that reminder of the bathroom controversy. I have always wanted to say, that I think the government should stay out of persons wooms and bathrooms.

Welcome to the brat thread, you will make a perfect addition.

Welcome Timbuktu and FreqFlyer!

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