Caregivers behaving badly.

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Ever just want to tear your hair out, or someone else's? If you cannot restore a sense of balance, you will run away from home? Just want to say some things without the constraints of staying on topic? Well, this thread is for you! If you just need a short break to let it all hang out, be a brat, then come on, you can do it. No holding back! Go for it, you can do it.


Looking for a brat buddy to wreck havoc on here tonight!

Maybe trading in our entire sibling family for one faithful cyber friend will help?
Have you heard of "Bad Moms", the movie just out July 29, 2016? I haven't seen it, but the concept may help Caregivers. Just one time, just one day, should we serve the tea cold with too much lemon....on purpose? Let others wonder if we've lost it, instead of worrying if the care receiver is okay, faking, or just really, really mean?
Be a bad caregiver brat. Go ahead, give us what you've got!

P.S. I want to be bad, but I am going to need some help.
Lol I just typed something and clicked post and my connection was interrupted.
Someone out there is messing with me.

I'll be a brat with you send but we need to recruit other brats.
Calling all brats. Stop what you are doing immediately! Join the new brat revolution!
First thing tomorrow morning, I am going to leave the toilet seat up, and the toilet unflushed. I am old enough to just say: "I forgot".
Welcome to the brat thread, Gershun!

You are right, we will need more brat buddies .
What, do you think they will be needing a written invitation?
I'm going to drink milk right out of the carton and leave the carton on the counter and the fridge wide open.
I'm going to put Hubby's dirty underwear on top of his pillow.
Yes it could get ridiculous just you and I Send. Maybe tomorrow when everyone isn't already in bed. LOL
What have you done now!! The cat is blue, it has it's own popcorn? Are you going to be watching a movie+

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