I've now been in Oregon about 2 1/2 weeks out of my 5 week vacation. I've had some great times with my grandkids, but there are still 2 grandkids that I've been unable to see, as well as several other members of my family, and several friends that I still want to get together with. I will finally get my river float in this Sunday unless something else comes up to prevent it.

My mother is not doing well, according to her. She states that she is "tired and weak" and might want to go home early. When I questioned her about that more a day or two later, after starting to make some preliminary plans to take her home, she got irritated with me, and told me that she's feeling a little better, and she still wants to go to my daughter's housewarming BBQ on the 18th and our family picnic on the 25th. Huh??? We were originally planning on leaving around the 26th. I thought she wanted to leave early. How is that early? Well, she probably won't know she wants to leave until she actually feels she has to leave NOW, and she'll call me right THEN to come get her, on an emergency basis. SERIOUSLY????? This is supposed to be my vacation. My respite. My time where I visit with my children and grandchildren that I only get to see once a year. It's pretty hard to plan any activities with them if I know I might get called away on an emergency basis to drive my mother 1000+ miles. That puts everybody on Standby, Really? I am NOT a happy camper at this moment.

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So nice you've been able to see your family..I'm sure you'll get to see the rest soon..just remember Mom will be "tired & weak" wherever she is, so stay and enjoy yourself.... Hugs to you and your family!

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