Sometimes I have to laugh to myself, I decided to buy my husband an encouragement card. He has dementia and cancer. He read it and looked at me and you could see he was really really touched by it. He said this is such a beautiful powerful message thank you so much. About an hour later I said to him " so you really liked that card I bought you did you? He says: What card? I said the card I bought you. He says I never seen no card where is is? I show it to him again and he reads it all and says. Now that is a really nice card thank you so much but I've never seen this card before. So he put it on his dresser. The next morning I was making the bed and I pointed to the card on the dresser and said to him. You really like that card? He says what card? I said that one there. He says, I never saw that card there who gave it to me? I said me yesterday so he picks it up and reads it then says that is a real good message thank you so much. I may never have to buy him another card Just give him this one over and over again. :) Sometimes we have to laugh or we would cry.

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I myself am getting more forgetful, and as far as I know I don't have dementia. Our adult son and his wife will come over for dinner, and he will tell us about the joke he told his friends. I will ask him what the joke was, so he'll tell me and I'll laugh. Then he tells me 'mom I already told you that one'. It happens every stinkin' time!!

Thanks for sharing! Yes, you can certainly save money on greeting cards! My husband used to love watching the War Channel ... er, I mean the History Channel and there was one WWII movie I'm sure he saw six times, but each time he could enjoy it as if it were totally new to him. Once I asked him if he enjoyed seeing it again. He said that it was very similar to something he'd seen before, but that the ending was different. I was afraid to ask him who won the war in this version!

Yes, laugh, because the alternative makes your eyes puffy.

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