I am 74 y/o and live in NC.

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Sadly, yes that is exactly what she can do.

Don't know your background, or what you have dealt with in the past. There seems to be a breakdown of communication with sister. why can't you call her and ask?

The NH does not want the problem of a HIPPA violation on their plate. There's a reason for the rule--I don't want everyone in MY family knowing everything about ME.

Do you see mother often? A visit might be in order if you cannot get information from sister.

When my DH was in the hospital, you could not even call him on the phone unless you had the "code" number, which only I had. I didn't give it out to all and sundry, he was sick and needed to rest. The hospital even took it to the extreme of not even acknowledging that he was a patient.

Just to add, divulging information to anyone but the listed and approved contact may be against your mother’s HIPPA rights, so it may be more than just your sister refusing to share information.

judith01, In the past, did the nursing home give you information? And now they have stopped? Did the nursing home say why they had stopped? Maybe a new rule was put into place.

Usually nursing homes will ask for just one person to be the contact person. Otherwise, everyone and their brother would want to be on the call list, thus the nursing home would become extremely busy taking and making calls.

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