You could save the life of your Loved One!! After my Mom's bath yesterday morning, I was rubbing her legs down with lotion. One calf just didn't feel right - it was "tight." I can't really give a better description, but my gut told me something was wrong. She had another issue too, so I called her doc and asked if we could come in right away. Fortunately, they had an opening. We were sent to the hospital for a Doppler scan of her leg; then we were immediately transferred to the ER. She had a blood clot from her knee to her ankle!! This is our third episode with blood clots but the first time that I was the one to catch it.

Caregivers - please make sure you know your loved ones bodies, trust your gut and act immediately. I'm not a nurse and I became my Mom's caregiver on a wing and a prayer. I've learned more than I ever wanted to know about the many things that are wrong with her but I thank God every day that I have trusted my intuition and learned as much as I could about how to care for her. I know that death will eventually come, but I really don't want her to die on my watch if there is something I could have done to prevent it.

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Good Post AT, all of us need to do daily body checks, for many reasons.

A blood clot traveled from my leg to my lung three years ago. I never realized it. but a P.A. sent me straight to my primary dictoe, where I

A blood clot to my lung sent me straight to the emergency room three years ago. I was having trouble breathing while talking. So I was put on Coumadin and shots and then just Coumadin. For over three years I have been on Coumadin. Then it was discovered I had breast cancer, and was off Coumadin 9 days before surgery. (mastectomy). Now I am past surgery but the cancer doctor has put me on a 10 mg of xarelto..I have heard it has been discouraged due to dangers of serious bleeding, especially if I fell or was in a wreck. Some of my doctors advise Xarelto and some Coumadin. what's the answer? marymember

To varying degrees, any medication that thins your blood to avoid blood clots, gives the possibility of bleeding too much in a fall or an accident.

The best advice I can give you on the subject of blood thinners is to keep I contact with your primary care doctor. Any one that he recommend will likely have to be adjusted over time if you get a lot of bruises. Also, in case of falls, know that you are more likely to bleed and seek attention even for a little fall.

Knowledge is power! Ask your primary care to explain each option until you understand, and take a family member with you to help remember. I often take my spouse so that we have two sets of ears and two sets of questions. :)

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