Featured an admin law judge in Norman, OK. I urge all to read it.

Per browser, Operative phrase, one can get 10 free articles from the Times. Paula Span is the author. Read the comments too.

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This 5 part series from Star Tribune was linked in comments.

Read article by Brian kaskie too, head in the sand.

It is targeted to ALF. Know the difference between facilities and their regs. These articles help you do that very thing.

There is a very smug poster in the comments in the Times article, blaming the featured person., who apparently, missed the part about multiple health crises. Also, you know, maybe needed to re roof house. There's also a shill for LTC insurance. I think they both get their due.

This is a burgeoning public health crisis.

One more thing. Reverse mortgages will be the new sub prime.

I read that article, Segoline, and found it quite interesting. I always try to catch Paula Span's articles in the NYT.

The thing I'm scared of is Boomers + dementia. I am afraid of how we can care humanely for a possible tsunami of dementia patients. It is hard for middle class folks to save for years of care.

Sig-other and I are watching the younger generation struggling to put money into savings. Of course, things were different when he and I were saving for a rainy day, compared to what his 40 year old daughter and her family is going through.

We didn't need to deal with having to have $200 blue jeans because of the label on the back end, or needing the most current Smartphone. If we needed a new refrigerator it was a couple hundred of dollars, not a couple thousands. Then again, we don't have room for a refrig the size of a walk-in closet.

Daughter dearest won't drive a car that is over 2 years old. Guess no worry of her asking to borrow our vehicles, our two Jeeps are 23 years old :)

Makeup? Cover Girl not good enough? Got to have Kylie Jenner's expensive stuff. Probably made by Cover Girl or another popular brand, but with a fancy package. Yeah, let's pay $30 more for the cardboard box it comes in.

Oh, I could go on and on. My parents made it like a game when it came to saving. I even saw Mom wearing the parka I had when I was in high school 50 years prior. That women could make clothes, curtains, bedspreads, even towels last forever :)

Wish schools would teach personal finances and how important it is to save money starting in 5th grade. By the time children are in high school, their spending habits are already set and hard to change.

When I get there I'm just going to ask Dr.Kavorkian to pay a house call.

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