Our courthouse has restricted activities. Looks like, for now, hearings will continue - but with essential people only. DH got a packet in the mail, notifying him of the hearing, MIL got one. I presume SIL got one (She's the one going for the guardianship) . . . . . I'm afraid only those three folks (and SIL's lawyer) will be allowed in the hearing, not me. I really wanted to get my info first hand (all three of them get stuff mixed up, LOL)

The hearing is set for April 7, so we have 2 and a half weeks to go, it might get cancelled.

Anyone else dealing with this sort of thing? Sure hope we can all keep moving forward, guardianship is very important - especially with this virus stuff going on! Those loved ones who don't believe it's serious can make some really bad decisions :( And POA's can't stop them, only Guardians, ugh.

Perhaps you can petition the clerk of the court to be there is support of your husband.

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