She argues with me daily, the next door neighbors have an elderly Mom at their house.

I met my neighbors, Laurel and Tim, second marriage for both.

They live alone.

My mother peeks through our bathroom blinds at night.

Convinced they have an elderly Mom living there.

Sees her up the whole night.
She was outside in purple cleaning up their yard.
Now she has grey hair down to her shoulders.

The husband Tim has white hair.
He is the only one I have ever seen outside cleaning up limbs, etc.

I have lived here 2 years.
I get up through night to go to bathroom.
Have NEVER EVER seen their shades up.

I believe dementia parents can make you nutz.

This was posted 2 weeks ago, and had quite a few comments. What's happened to the old comments?

Arimethea33, sorry I had to chuckle over this. The best way to deal with this is to pretend you also see the next door neighbor's mother, too. It's easier then trying to convince your Mom the woman doesn't exist.

Imagine the conversations you could have with your mother, make it like a soap opera, every day create a new episode. That way maybe you both can laugh about what is happening at the neighbor's :)

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