Hi everyone,

I have a parent with alzheimer's who is in a memory care facility, I am wondering about Christmas gift ideas?

The parent has pretty advanced Alzheimer's. Their comprehension is quite far gone so anything involving cerebral faculties will be of no use. They can walk and move but cannot really talk properly anymore or understand more than very basic words. They also have limited hand use functioning. They don't seem to be able to grasp things or do a lot with their hands.

So I think its really for something which is very much a sensory experience. That may provide a nice experience for their sense. Any ideas on a type of gift? What do other people on here do for their Alzheimer's family members?

Many thanks

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Great idea thanks very much for this suggestion polarbear

Bumping your post up so others can see and reply.

My mother has late stage Alz. I don't do anything special for holidays because she will not know or understand. I or a hired sitter take her out everyday to go shopping/browsing at the markets or stores, and she gets a treat most of the time. She enjoys that a lot.

As for your parent, you want a sensory type gift, how about a fidget blanket? You can find that on amazon, or ebay or etsy, or you can make one yourself.

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