There is a new program in the support of AD in helping the actual home caregiver and I had them come out to meet with me and do the paperwork as they will send in home care for my 83 yr old AD mom ( she has several other medical conditions along with the AD). After we were done with the paperwork she asked to meet my mother and I brought mom in to meet the lady. The lady began asking her questions how she was doing etc….. is she happy here? Etc……… and my mom started talking but knowing my mom I could tell she was suspicious and agitated by the rep and the questions. Since I am nothing more than a layperson I don't want to judge but felt some of the questions the rep asked sounded like baby talk to my mom and my mom's anger rose extremely fast! My mom got VERY angry with her and accused me of calling the lady out to tell my mom she is crazy which was not the case at all. Finally my mom left the room angry and when she left my husband was in the other room walking in and my mom walked up to him and threw her arms up at him and said " YOU WANNA FIGHT TOO?!!!!" both the rep and myself heard it too. The rep told me my mom was being combative. I think I already knew that just seeing my mom's negativity and attitude every day and all but I have never seen it EXPLODE as it did this time. I felt the lady was trying to feel my mom out and see where my mom was at in her AD and she told me later that was what she was doing and is why I let her continue to talk to my mom asking questions etc…. at the same time I felt like asking her to stop and leave my mom alone and not to anger her like that. I am confused. Surely the people who work with them are trained and know how to work with these people so did she do the right/wrong thing? Did I do the right/wrong thing?

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