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Why are we updating AgingCare? In short, keeping our website up to date is the most important thing we can do to support family caregivers. We know change is difficult, so this redesign is not a decision we came to lightly. AgingCare is proud to have built a base of over 3,000 articles; 500,000 questions; and over 2 million users each month. The best way to stay the most actively used caregiving resource in the market is to better reflect our brand and values throughout our site. Our company has evolved and grown, and we want our site to reflect that. Our core values guided our new design. AgingCare’s purpose is to partner with caregivers in finding answers, resources, and support. We are excited to launch a redesign that focuses on that purpose.

Once you are logged in to your AgingCare account, the ability to toggle back and forth between the New AgingCare and Classic AgingCare will appear below the header. We encourage you to try it. AgingCare has a whole new look. Although we know it will take some adjustment, we truly believe we’ve made some great improvements.

Better Topic Navigation: Topic Tags have been introduced to more specifically identify and organize content. Tags can be found on articles, questions, and comments. Each tag can be clicked to navigate directly to all content identified with that topic.

Content List (Caregiving Glossary): Navigation to caregiving topics is available through the use of the individual tags, the new grey topic bar, the drop down menu button, or by browsing the caregiving glossary found in the footer.

Functions in the New Navigation Header: The Menu button provides access to the Caregiver Forum, caregiver resources, and a topic list. The AgingCare logo always acts as a return to the home page. The question mark icon is a quick jump to the Caregiver Forum. The search bar is always present to search AgingCare by keyword.

Your avatar (circle in the top right) provides dropdown access to your profile, newsfeed, activity, settings and logout. You can customize your avatar or add your favorite picture by going to Profile and clicking on the camera button to upload a picture. Once you have logged in, your avatar becomes the access point for your member tools.

Profile: Your public profile is the view other members see when they click your username.

Newsfeed: Your news feed lets you easily see new activity by members and elder care experts on the articles, discussions and questions that you are following.

Activity: Your activity page lets you easily see all of the posts you have made on articles, questions, and discussions as well as the messages you have sent.

Settings: Your settings is where you make changes to your account, including what you would like other member’s to be able to see on your public profile.

Logout: A more convenient location to log out of the site after use.

The Caregiver Forum functions in the same way it always has. Questions and discussions are presented by default in the most recent order and can still be sorted by recent and popular. We’ve added new features to the forum’s functionality.

"Needs answers" is a separate slider and sort function so that once logged in, our most dedicated members can easily find other members in need of advice.

"Closed topic" is now presented on any question or discussion that has been inactive for 180 days. The question/discussion will be closed to new answers or comments. The threads will remain fully available to read for past advice and informational purposes.

"Reply" is a feature that allows a member to reply directly to another member regarding an answer they have provided. This feature is intended to allow answers to the original question to stay on topic while still allowing interaction between members participating in direct “conversation.”

The entire AgingCare team has been working hard on these changes, and we sincerely appreciate your patience and feedback as we iron out the details. After some initial adjustment, we hope you will find the new design as exciting as we do. Feel free to use the link to leave feedback to let us know your thoughts.


The release is in the works... once it is complete, you'll see the ability to try the new AgingCare right under the header.
Hey Gershun and Luckylu,
I have left you private messages on the new website, lol.
Has anyone seen CWillie?
Maybe she is stuck in cyberland between the two websites?
That is about the longest post you ever made. Congratulations! You even have your paragraphs separated! Nice!
Here I am on the old website, I know I will have to change eventually but....

BTW, I like that my avatar is much cooler looking on the new site but I had trouble finding myself 😉
With the new software, I wonder if Aging Care could go into a new original post and create paragraphs when the post shows up as one extremely long missile.

Those very long postings I usually skip as they are hard to read and I am always losing my place :( Or create software system where such postings are allowed and we as the reader can go in and break up the posting just for ourselves to read, but it doesn't change how it was presented.
There is one problem I do have with the new format, using the right arrow to get to the next four questions..... got seasick after a few tries :(

----But I found how to get to the Questions another way which looks more like the format we have now..... ok, Log In.... go to "Ask A Question".... by-pass the Question block and scroll up.... click on "Need Answers" for those questions that need more than one answer [odd, as some questions one answer is good enough].... and you can also click on "Recent Questions". All the questions are up and down, where I can control the speed :))

----What happened to all the hugs? I only found 4 to choose from. I usually use the cat with the sunglasses when I write someone a general message. Please bring that one back.

----Now my paragraphs are missing? I better sign out before something else happens :P Using --- to show the breaks.

----Aging Care I am using a desk top computer, and using FireFox.
I dislike the scroll right format as well FF, it doesn't come as naturally as reading top to bottom. I'd be interested in hearing from the people who are using phones or other devices... are you finding navigation easier or not so much?
There are lots of websites that are using swiping to see entire content. More handheld device friendly. I don't care for it much either guess smart phones will have to go away first. But, I don't see that happening.

I was hoping to see more profile options. Main one being former caregiver, with loved one deceased. Maybe that is too depressing for newcomers? What the heck?! "Other"!

"Caring for" option to enter name of person and birth date. Why not just have the year? I started to enter only the year, then asked for valid date, and no option to backspace, edit, or cancel. I do not want to enter a valid date but cannot delete what I started.
Hi freqflyer,
As glad mentions, the introduction of left to right is in response to the dominance of smart devices... we're having to keep up with the times. However, in the testing round many of you indicated a preference for top down, so as you noticed we introduced the ability to change the view by clicking the header.
In regard to paragraphs, I sent you an email earlier investigating that bug further. As moderator, I can tell you that the majority of the posts appear without formatting. Although I will add periods to try to ease the ability to understand the body of a question, we generally don't modify a post further in order to honor the intent of the member. Our concern is that you have noticed that your posts are created with formatting that is being stripped away. That's different, definitely a bug and we're working on it.
Glad, your ideas on updating the profile are noted and appreciated. Based on past feedback, we have already conceptualized a former caregiver feature. While we are running the sites concurrently (allowing for members to ease into the transition), we can't introduce new features that are unsupported by the classic site. Once we transition to the new site as a stand alone, former caregiver will be an option. Yes, sad, but a reality -and an important reality as those who have been through this journey often have the most knowledge to share.

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