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Why are we updating AgingCare? In short, keeping our website up to date is the most important thing we can do to support family caregivers. We know change is difficult, so this redesign is not a decision we came to lightly. AgingCare is proud to have built a base of over 3,000 articles; 500,000 questions; and over 2 million users each month. The best way to stay the most actively used caregiving resource in the market is to better reflect our brand and values throughout our site. Our company has evolved and grown, and we want our site to reflect that. Our core values guided our new design. AgingCare’s purpose is to partner with caregivers in finding answers, resources, and support. We are excited to launch a redesign that focuses on that purpose.

Once you are logged in to your AgingCare account, the ability to toggle back and forth between the New AgingCare and Classic AgingCare will appear below the header. We encourage you to try it. AgingCare has a whole new look. Although we know it will take some adjustment, we truly believe we’ve made some great improvements.

Better Topic Navigation: Topic Tags have been introduced to more specifically identify and organize content. Tags can be found on articles, questions, and comments. Each tag can be clicked to navigate directly to all content identified with that topic.

Content List (Caregiving Glossary): Navigation to caregiving topics is available through the use of the individual tags, the new grey topic bar, the drop down menu button, or by browsing the caregiving glossary found in the footer.

Functions in the New Navigation Header: The Menu button provides access to the Caregiver Forum, caregiver resources, and a topic list. The AgingCare logo always acts as a return to the home page. The question mark icon is a quick jump to the Caregiver Forum. The search bar is always present to search AgingCare by keyword.

Your avatar (circle in the top right) provides dropdown access to your profile, newsfeed, activity, settings and logout. You can customize your avatar or add your favorite picture by going to Profile and clicking on the camera button to upload a picture. Once you have logged in, your avatar becomes the access point for your member tools.

Profile: Your public profile is the view other members see when they click your username.

Newsfeed: Your news feed lets you easily see new activity by members and elder care experts on the articles, discussions and questions that you are following.

Activity: Your activity page lets you easily see all of the posts you have made on articles, questions, and discussions as well as the messages you have sent.

Settings: Your settings is where you make changes to your account, including what you would like other member’s to be able to see on your public profile.

Logout: A more convenient location to log out of the site after use.

The Caregiver Forum functions in the same way it always has. Questions and discussions are presented by default in the most recent order and can still be sorted by recent and popular. We’ve added new features to the forum’s functionality.

"Needs answers" is a separate slider and sort function so that once logged in, our most dedicated members can easily find other members in need of advice.

"Closed topic" is now presented on any question or discussion that has been inactive for 180 days. The question/discussion will be closed to new answers or comments. The threads will remain fully available to read for past advice and informational purposes.

"Reply" is a feature that allows a member to reply directly to another member regarding an answer they have provided. This feature is intended to allow answers to the original question to stay on topic while still allowing interaction between members participating in direct “conversation.”

The entire AgingCare team has been working hard on these changes, and we sincerely appreciate your patience and feedback as we iron out the details. After some initial adjustment, we hope you will find the new design as exciting as we do. Feel free to use the link to leave feedback to let us know your thoughts.

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I think I just assumed that changes were made to accommodate the fact that many - most? - people are using hand held devices to surf the web nowadays. If the changes aren't compatible with that reality then I really can't see the point, if the changes in fact make reading on a phone or tablet more difficult then you have to wonder if AgingCare's tech and development departments have totally lost touch.

I don't know who says the new site is compatible with smartphones, but it surely is not.

Everything is too small to see. It seems there's too much stuff squished in on the screen at once. It's terrible to tap on these small options, even using my stylis.

My screen is 6". The very top has the website. Below that has the AC header, below that has one question with a bit of the next question next to it. Horizontally of course. Below that has the answer bubble an the profile pic and name of the first or last commenter. I know that order can be changed. Under that is a another horizontal scrolling bar with topics, some articles and advertising.

Mind you this is only halfway down my screen. So all this is on a 3x2.5 screen. I don't even remember what the bottom half of the screen consists of.

My point is, there is way too much going on, when a smartphone is used. So how in the world was this geared towards these devices?

There is barely any contrast. Seeing anything is a horrible strain.

I'm going back in to see what the bottom 3" has going on.

I doubt these issues will be changed, but I had to explain my struggles with it. 

One good thing is that I get some exercise trying to read my News Feed on the new site. I have to lean forward to read the name of the poster and when the answer was posted. Then I have to lean back and sit up straight to read the post.

At least it's given me a chance to exercise while I read.

But that light turquoise print is too hard on the eyes; it's beautiful, reminds me of a tropical, sea, but it's not appropriate for reading, especially against the glare of far too much white space.

Hm, that might explain why some avatars are blank in the new site.
I'm still switching between old and new to get the best features from each.

Something weird that I've noticed is that my spell check is very inconsistent on the new site 🤔

I have started having issues with uploading new avatars. The size limitation by AC is reasonable at 5mb. I have tried a couple under 5mb but they either are blurred if uploaded, or will not upload, receive an error, that the pic must be less than 5mb, which they are. What's up?

Ok, time to have my dH give the new website a once-over.
He was experienced in website development (unpaid) and continues to be a self-taught techie.
Wondering if I will have to beg him....

I've found that it's hard on my eyes - too much scrolling.

Wish I had a teenager in the house to show me around the new website when it is the only format that one can use :P

I use to be really good at diving into a new website and learning every corner of it, but as I get older, I just cannot focus like I use to :(

Hi all,
Thanks for your recent comments and questions regarding the move toward the new AgingCare. We are on track to transition to the new site soon, and as we go we have been making updates to include your feedback. We anticipated making the full transition to the new site this week, so we disabled the "toggle" to the preview site. Many of you have requested we bring it back, so we are working right now on reinstating that feature while we finish the transition. Each week ends with updates to address issues you all have found. It is really important to continue to let us know if you find any "bugs" related to our updates. Until the toggle can be pushed back into production the new site is alive and well at
See you there soon ;-)

You might have just had the last word on the new website.
But the offer to visit the new website has been removed.
Where'd it go?

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