yesterday something I never experience before, my husband went out to get the mail, brought it in but would not give it to me, said it belonged to his wife and he would keep it in his hands, safe, until she came home. I tried everything I have learned on here to retrieve the mail without causing an explosion here, then I tried something I read a while back where a Mom did not recognize her daughter so the daughter left the bedroom let her hair down, changed her top and went back in and her Mom knew then exactly who she was, I have long hair which during the day I have up in a clip, I went and sat on our steps took the clip out smoothed my hair down and guess what, he kissed me welcomed me back home and handed me the mail! most of the time he does not recognize me anymore ( not as his wife anyway) like a see saw, the mood swings up and down. Sunday will come and go but my Anniversary gift is still having him with me and knowing inside he is still the one who owns my heart.

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Since both my husband's parents had dementia he worries about his own future. I told him not to worry, I would take good care of him. I would keep recordings of his favorite soccer team's best season and play the games over and over for him. He looked worried and said that I should watch carefully to make sure he didn't delete them after watching. Happy Anniversary!

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