The forum is filled with people coming together to share valuable information. We’ve compiled experienced caregivers’ best tips for medications that may help minimize dementia behaviors like wandering.

Medications That Help with Wandering

“We struggled with wandering until a change was finally made to my mother-in-law’s medication. At first, she had been strongly fixated on going to her childhood home, but this behavior eventually subsided. Instead, she began waking up and wandering at night, but just from her bedroom to the living room. Namenda was added to the Aricept that she had been taking for more than two years and it did the trick.” –Catjohn22

“Depakote has been a lifesaver for us, but it took some time to find the right dosage. Not enough and my dad remains agitated; too much and he’s zonked.” –Mathisa72

“My mother has dementia and wants to get out so she can walk to her mother’s house. Her mom passed away 70 years ago and never lived around here. We have key-only locks on both outside doors, and I wear the key on a lanyard around my neck. The locked doors used to be a source of severe frustration for Mom, and she would get herself all worked up, going from door to door and rattling the knobs. The agitation and aggression got so bad that I finally took her doctor’s advice and put her on medication. This has been a big improvement for both of us. Don’t hesitate to be honest with the doctor and ask for help.” –Gigi11

“My mom’s psych meds are Depakote (valproic acid), Risperdal (risperidone) and mirtazapine. I would say talk to your loved one’s psychiatrist. They should be able to prescribe the meds that will slow their ramblings down.” –PirateGal

“My doctor put my aunt on Symmetrel (amantadine) for her agitation. Just be sure you have a good neurologist or geriatrician who is willing to talk about effective pharmacotherapeutic agents for your loved one that can help keep them calm and a promote a healthy day/night sleep pattern.” –LyricaLady

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“It was a tough year for us when my mom went through her wandering stage. My little sweetheart turned into someone I didn’t know. I took her to the neurologist and she was put on Depakote sprinkles three times daily. It made her sleep a lot the first month, but once her body adjusted she was okay.” –Reverseroles

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