I have learned over the seven years that "Al" has been living with me: he is happiest if he is doing something that feels productive.

I think back to the things Bob did in his work life or for fun in is youth. He was a workaholic in his adult life, so there are no hobbies there to pull from. Then I try to find the simplest version of that activity for him to do.

For instance, Bob was always painting walls or wood for something in our "fixer up" house, which is why I think he enjoys painting the bird houses I give him. The paint brush is a familiar tool for him and I don't worry about how it turns out. In fact, I have given "Al" the same birdhouses over and over again to paint, and he never notices.

I have realized that keeping him active and participating in life with the simple things, makes both of our lives more enjoyable.

What did your loved one do in their life? Is there a simple version they might still be able to do? Challenge yourself to be creative when coming up with different activities for them to do. It may be worth a try ☺

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