These nationwide non-profits provide assistance to those who need financial aid to pay for their prescription medications. Different organizations have different qualification requirements with regards to which insurance plans an individual can and cannot have.

ProgramAssistance OfferedContact Information
BenefitsCheckUpProvides a questionnaire to identify which public and private assistance programs you may be eligible for, including prescriptions, housing, utilities, food and more.(202) 479-1200
Chronic Disease FundAssists patients who meet income guidelines and have either private insurance or Medicare Part D, but still cannot afford their specialty medications. Provides financial support for individuals with cancer, asthma, multiple sclerosis and other life-altering conditions.(877) 968-7233
HealthWell FoundationProvides various kinds of financial insurance for patients who are insured, but still cannot afford their medication, or individuals who are eligible for insurance, but cannot afford premiums.(800) 675-8416
National Organization for Rare Disorders, Inc. (NORD)Assists patients in obtaining life-saving or life-sustaining treatments through financial support with insurance premiums, co-payments, testing and travel expenses for rare diseases. Eligibility requirements vary by program.(203) 744-0100
NeedyMedsHelps people of any age, with or without insurance, to locate Patient Assistance Programs, state savings programs, free and low-cost clinics, and offers a free Drug Discount Card.(800) 503-6897
Partnership for Prescription AssistanceAllows patients to search over 475 public and private Patient Assistance Programs to see which ones they may be eligible for.Visit Site
Patient Advocacy Foundation Co-Pay Relief ProgramProvides direct financial support to help insured patients with co-payments, co-insurance and deductibles. Additional eligibility requirements apply.(866) 512-3861
Patient Services, Inc.Provides guidance and financial support (via subsidized insurance premiums and out of pocket costs) for patients with chronic and rare diseases. Free legal services are also available to those who qualify.(800) 366-7741
Patient Access Network FoundationProvides assistance for insured patients with cancer, chronic illnesses and other rare diseases. Certain eligibility requirements apply.(866) 316-7263
RxAssistProvides an extensive database of Patient Assistance Programs for patients to search through and apply to. An Rx Assist Drug Discount Card is also available.Visit Site
RxHopeAllows patients to locate resources and information on Patient Assistance Programs in order to determine which ones they are eligible for. Many program applications are electronic, allowing physicians, social workers, and physician assistants easy access to this paperwork.(877) 267-0517

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