Q: Dad just had hip surgery. Can he go to adult day care with his mobility problems?

A: It depends upon the adult day care. Did Dad just have surgery yesterday or has he been recuperating for several weeks? Will he have physical therapy at home or in another facility to help speed his recovery?

At my center, The Ivey, we would allow your dad to come as soon as he is able to walk with assistance. Some centers have chair lifts for participants who can't transfer from a wheelchair to another seat. Others may have the necessary staff and safety precautions to transfer participants from a wheelchair to the toilet, shower, or bathing tub.

Typically, your dad would need to be able to walk with assistance and use the washroom with assistance. This standard is most typical due to safety reasons, both for the participant and the staff.

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Visit the adult day care you have in mind ahead of time and discuss how they handle mobility issues. You may also be able to arrange for a physical therapist to provide services there. My center maintains a contract with a physical therapist who serves our clients on request. In most situations, the physical therapist may bill you or your insurance provider directly.

Be sure to ask your dad's physician for approval that your dad is ready to attend adult day care before getting started. Good luck!