Managing Personal Medical Information


Having up-to-date medical information for your loved one helps you to manage health care and medications, and it is crucial to have in case of an emergency. Having the medical information for your parent or loved one on hand will improve communication with their medical team and alleviate stress and confusion between family members.

Make sure you have all of the pertinent information about your loved one's health readily available, in one place.

Medical Information Checklist:

Personal information

  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number
  • Emergency contacts

Medical information

  • Medicare and/or Medicaid information and ID numbers
  • Medical insurance information: company name, phone number, policy information
  • Primary care physician: name, phone number and location
  • Specialists: name, phone number and location
  • Medications: name, dosage, time of day taken
  • Over-the-counter supplements: name, dosage, frequency taken
  • Medical history: past illnesses, surgeries and allergies
  • Family medical history: illnesses, causes of death for mother, father, siblings

Medical and Legal Documents

Make copies for your physician and inform family members where these important medical and legal documents are kept in order for you or a family member to act on your loved one's behalf, especially in an unexpected medical emergency.
  • Health-Care Proxy, also known as a medical power of attorney
  • Advance Health Care Directive
  • Living Will or Will
  • Power of Attorney

Use this Medical Information Checklist to help you organize your parent's or loved one's medical information.

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As a caregiver at Home Helpers Home Care, we have a binder that holds all this information in a central place in the home. The binder needs to have a tabbed index so specific info can be found quickly. Extremely important to up date medications in binder EVERY time there is a change in medication or frequency. Indicate purpose of each medication. All Power of attorneys’ and living will directives to the binder. If your Grandparents, or you need to call 911, this book can be given to them and it has everything they need. ALL essential medical and legal info also needs to be in an envelope of varying sizes for emergencies when traveling outside the home. If a car accident, or a health emergency occurs at the store, you are prepared. Hope this helps.
My binder of papers is getting big. Has anyone tried scanning all their documents and going digital?
This information is right on the money,thank you