Sometimes I have to tell myself to stop bucking the system. In this case, it's the "Alz" system.

I just need to realize that Bob needs something to do with his hands at all times. Otherwise, he wants to know "the plan" every five minutes. So, I need to buck the thought that he can figure out what to do on his own, when I know he can't. I need to have a plan of my own to keep him busy.

He loves his 36-piece Alzheimer puzzles, so that helps. I have had him wash potatoes for me with a bowl in his lap. I have had him wind cords, whether they need it or not, wind yarn and sort my earrings—which is actually a big help, since I hate that task!

I just have to accept that my husband needs my direction all the time, and it's okay…I can do this, one "keep him busy" task at a time. ☺

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