After Alzheimer’s Diagnosis, Glen Campbell’s Final Tour is a Family Affair


This past summer, country singing legend Glen Campbell, 75, announced that he had been living for six months with an Alzheimer's diagnosis.

"I've figured it out that, I'm not that bright, but God gave me a break."

This frank statement he made during an interview with ABC News likely refers to his illustrious career in entertainment. After all, his past is littered with uncountable successes in music and television. But, in light of his recent Alzheimer's diagnosis, this proclamation might just take on a whole new meaning.

He released his final album, "Ghost on the Canvas," and embarked on his farewell tour in August.

But, during this final chapter of his illustrious career, Campbell might just be receiving his biggest break yet—unwavering support from his family. The stigma and pain associated with gradually watching a loved one fade is often too painful for people to bear.

Fortunately for Campbell, his swan song won't be a solo.

Four of his eight children will play an active role in his concerts, playing instruments and singing backup for their father. Campbell's wife, Kim Wollen will also help him out during the tour.

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She recognizes the healing role of music, and asserts that going on tour will help the whole family, saying "It's healthy for all of us. Music is good medicine."

Glen Campbell's final tour will wrap up on December 16, but it is after the final chords of  his song "A Better Place" fade, and the lights go down on the stage at the French Lick Resort Casino, that he will need his backup more than ever. His poignant lyrics lead him through the journey of Alzheimer's to a better place...

"Some days I'm so confused, Lord
My past gets in my way
I need the ones that I love most
To hold me more each day

One thing I know
The world is good to me
A better place awaits you'll see
A better place"

Editor Note: Glen Campbell died in Nashville, Tennessee on August 8, 2017 at the age of 81

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