If your elderly loved one has extra prescription medications lying around the house, gather them up and safely dispose of them twice per year on National Drug Take Back Day. Nationwide locations are available for convenient and responsible disposal of unused prescription medications every year in October and April.

Seniors and their caregivers can drop off unwanted and expired prescription medications at one of thousands of nationwide locations.

You can use the DEA's search tool to locate the collection site closest to you.

Delivering your loved one's extra pills at one of these collection sites, which are run by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), will ensure that they are safely and legally disposed of.

The DEA accepts "solid dosage" (caplets and tablets), over-the-counter and prescription medications for disposal. Needles and intravenous medications are not collected.

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If you're planning on turning in pill bottles, it's important to make sure that you remove the identifying information from the labels.

While this nationwide program offers people the most convenient, widespread opportunity to turn in their pills, other collection sites offer disposal services at different times throughout the year. For more information on initiatives in your area, contact your local health department.