The forum is filled with people coming together to share valuable information. We’ve compiled experienced caregivers’ suggestions for devices to help a senior get around safely with as little discomfort as possible.

Orthopedic Equipment for Arthritis Relief

“My dad has a lot of arthritis, and his knees are bone on bone. Leg braces do help him. Although he has ones from the VA that Velcro on with a harder type of material on the sides, he prefers the soft, stretchy ones that you can buy anywhere. We found them at Walmart and CVS stores. My mom had arthritis, too, and I always bought her Mary Jane-type shoes that were very lightweight to reduce stress on her joints. She did not like her special orthopedic insoles and actually walked better without them. Everyone is different. Keep trying until you find a combination of things that work.” –Rosebush

“If a loved one is having problems with both legs, consider having them use a walker. A cane is only good if one leg is a problem. When using a cane, the ‘good’ leg ends up taking a lot of abuse. A walker will help even things out, and they will be more stable. Have a professional adjust the height.” –JoAnn29

“I have lower-back pain and found I have a degenerative disk in the lumbar region as well as arthritis in my sacroiliac joint. I pronate when I walk, so I went to a specialty instep shop. The insteps were very expensive, so I thought I’d just buy the generic shoes that are made for people who pronate instead. My Brooks tennis shoes are excellent and do help me feel more stable.” –luvcotons

“Pronation can cause leg pain, but orthotics might bring relief. You don’t have to get the expensive custom-made ones. Buy the over-the-counter ones—the hard kind, not the gel. I had hip pain for years, and orthotics stopped it immediately.” –judypanama

“Sleeping on your back can help with hip pain. You might try a memory foam mattress topper (with a waterproof encasement). Try sleeping with a triangular foam wedge under the knees and pillows under the upper back and head. For lower-back issues, try the foam topper plus a pillow between the legs at the knees. Use a very light, breathable blanket to avoid weight on the joints. It helped me!” –sophe509

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“I am 57 years old and have bone-on-bone knee pain, Chondromalacia Patella and a severe tracking issue. I have tried many different types of knee braces. Some help, but others do not. The issue with wearing a knee brace is that you cannot always conceal them under your pants, and sometimes you must wear them over your leggings. I find that they begin to irritate behind the knee after a while, too.” –staceyb

“One thing to consider is your loved one’s mattress. I found my mother was having a lot of arthritic shoulder pain when she got up in the morning. We got a new mattress and now she has no issues to speak of.” –Madeaa