Q: Are there any lifestyle adjustments my 68-year-old mother with Parkinson's can make to help improve her tremors and shakes?

A: Tremors and shakes are very common complaints encountered in primary care as well in subspecialty clinics, such as neurology / movement disorders clinics. They can be caused by numerous clinical conditions, or be medication or stress induced. The first step that will lead to adequate management is to establish the accurate diagnosis.

Treatment is often challenging, since tremors may not respond optimally to various medications. Tremors, as all other types of involuntary movements, will worsen with stress / anxiety. It is, therefore, very important to minimize life stressors. Since tremors usually worsen during illness, it is important to stay healthy and have healthy life style. Good overnight sleep may have beneficial effects on tremors, and patients with Parkinson's disease very often report improvement of their symptoms after a good night of sleep.

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