Where can a person with dementia stay temporarily so the caregiver can take a vacation?


Q: Is there somewhere to send an elderly person with dementia temporarily so that I can go on vacation for a week?

A: Many adult day care centers would be happy to have your loved one for a week. Your elder might enjoy it enough to want to continue. And you might discover that the respite benefits for you are well worth the cost.

You will have to do some advance planning. The center will do an "intake assessment" with you before the week begins to understand the participant's medical history and challenges. As part of the normal assessment, medical records will be obtained from your family physician. If medications are to be given to your loved one at the adult day care center, these medications should be brought in with their original prescription bottles labeled with your loved one's name.

In other words, you'll need to complete the same type of forms, and provide the same type of information, as if your loved one was attending the center for a longer time.
At my center, to comply with our state's regulations, we require new intake and assessment information if we have not served a participant for at least 30 days. So if someone uses our center on August 1, then returns to spend the day on September 15, updated information will be necessary prior to September 15. Other states may have different regulations regarding when new information must be provided. Ask the center you are considering for their policy.

If you need more than a week's vacation, consider using a center once a week, perhaps on a Monday or Friday to give yourself some relaxation time before or after the weekend.

Lynn Ivey left her banking career to care for her mother with dementia. Adult day care became a critical component for her mother, providing social stimulation and medical supervision, while enabling her to continue living at home.

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Hello, Senior day care in my area of Southern California is only "DAY" care form 7:00am- 5:00pm, no over night stay. I got my mother with Alzheimers evaluated and had a TB test done. Once the test was negative she was allowed to use the facilitates when I needed respite. Their price were $10 an hour social group (those who didn't need too much medical care, just some assistance with bathroom) or $75 for medical group (Those how needed more help with feeding, walking, or therapy).
Board and Care is great for overnight stay for several days minimum, contact your physician or local convalescent hospital for referrals. These are small residential homes trained in senior care housing six elderly needing assistance. Some have alarms for Dementia patients due to wandering. A little expensive can start from $150 day and up. I've use them several times when I needed a vacation or respite desperately. I just told my mom that I have to tend to matters this whole week and can't take care of her, there's no one else who will take care of her, she can't stay alone. Plus the doctor referred is was a good place. Check it out before you place your parent in a facility for respite. Make sure you feel comfortable there and your parent will safe there. Ask questions; how long in business, licensed, any complaints, training, etc...
Another option is "Assisted living". These facilities are much large than "Board and Care" with 50--60 residents, but most specialize in Dementia and Alzheimer's having unique programs for memory care, alarms for wandering, full nurses on staff in case of emergencies. Their price are much higher-$185+ day only taking patients for over seven days, but must make reservation to see if they have any openings available.
Lastly, you can place them in a convalescent home for a week or more. It's very expensive $200+ day just for room and board, extra for laundry, medication and any extras.
Take the vacation you need, don't feel guilty, you need it to better care yourself and care for your love one. Think of the money you need to pay for respite as part of your vacation expenses.

Visit different facilities, ask question before you want to go on vacation, then decide on a place for your love one. Good luck to you.