How or where to report bad care homes?


I see a lot on here about care homes that are underperforming for what of a nicer term. I don't see a lot in one place of how to report a care home/facility that is not giving good care and there must be a route that everyone can use in the USA. I am useless here as I live in the UK and we have reporting systems that are quite well known ad star systems for identifying how good a facility is in advance from the inspections that are carried out.

If there is a reporting system / process perhaps here would be a good place to put the information so those that need it can access it

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They are inspected at least annually. The nursing home where I am assigned as Ombudsman has NY DOH on site monthly. The August 2015 inspection had hundreds of pages of violations. The DOH imposed an "admissions halt" due to non-compliance.

Are they inspected Pam? That was a dim question they must be. In the UK those reports are public are they in the USA too? I was just thinking that if this had been a problem in the report then a speedier response is required than waiting for the next inspection

Care homes in the USA are licensed by the state department of health in each state. So you call them.