My family and I want to take a vacation but have no one to take care of my dad.

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What facilities in Columbus Ohio will take my Dad for a weekend or a week if we decide to take that long away. I didn't know any assistant living place would do this or had available rooms for such stays. I have been wanting a place that could do this. Thank You, Mindy


Research A Place For Mom (dad's included) They have a network of assisted living places where you can go for any length of time without being tied into a long term contract. It is however, private payer.
The VA offers a respite program but is difficult to get a bed. I also need help in Miami, Fl. I am the sole caretaker of my partner. I want to take time off to see my grandson. My partner wont allow someone in the home. Any ideas would be so helpful
I experienced the same thing with my mom, but I was fortunate enough to have a sister and a friend that would help me out. (Of course, I worried about her the whole time.) I live in Virginia so don't know about Columbus, but there has to be a agency that can help you out. Have you checked with your local Social Services? Also, you should check with any nursing agencies in your area. I don't know how much care your dad needs or if he is living with you, but here, you can get a nursing assistant or patient care assistant to come in temporarily. I am sure you need the vacation so good luck. I will keep you in my prayers.

Contact them. They are the best. Within 4 hours they had me in touch with 4 assisted living places and 3 home health agencies.
I would enter respite care columbus ohio area on my computer should come up with a few suggestions. Good luck.
My family hasn't taken a vacation together in 6 years.
I would look for respite care in your area. many nursing homes offer respite and medicare will pay for it. I would start with the nursing homes and ask if they do respite if not I am sure they will know who does. take care...
I researched this last night. Had pretty good luck with entering respite care and my area on my computer, came up with quiet a few leads.
We try to keep any trips within a days drive and I take mom with us. We always get a two bedroom place. We have no where to leave er either. The ones we have contacted would be more than what we can afford (more than our vacation). So far it has worked out okay. Of course, mom locked us out one night after she went to bed she put the chain on the door and then went back to sleep. It took an hour for her to answer the phone by her bed. When she opened the door, she announced "Why I sure as hell didn't do that!" Seems as long as we feed her 3 times a day she does well. The crazy talk, well, you get use to it.
tlhanger, your mom sounds like my sm for she don't do anything either.
Mindy, I found out here in GA for us to drop the mnl for a few days in case we had an emergency that we had to get paper work filled out, a doctor's note stating she has had a TB test, they still could not say they would have a room for they don't hold them. They rather have long-term clients if u know what I mean n the price, OMG! $172.00 per night!
As for nursing homes, I am not sure that Medicare will pay for it for just 'respite care?' I think they have to had been in a hospital n the doctor recommends them their n then I think Medicare will pay up to 21 days. Not for sure but I would just start doing some calling n find out what their process is so u know ahead. If you know someone that will help that would save u tons of money n paper-work n if your mom can get along it helps too. Mindy, if u find out anymore please share about the medicare or medicade stuff. Good Luck

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