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Caregiving is stressful. Forums like this provide a great way for us to connect with others in similar situations, vent a little, find support, and glean information. All very helpful. But speaking for myself I wouldn't mind a little vacation too, even if it's only in my imagination. We've all wished at least ONCE that we could close our eyes and just Be. Somewhere. Else.

So...if you could snap your fingers right now and go anywhere at all, where would you go? A cafe in Paris? A tropical island? An archaeological dig in Peru? Share your dream getaway here, and maybe just for a little while we can "escape" vicariously through one another. Feel free to change your point of destination at any time.

As for me right would be a hammock strung between two palm trees looking out over white sand and green-blue ocean with a frosty fruity DEFINITELY alcoholic beverage in one hand and a good book in the other....ahhhh, paradise!


A lush green mountain meadow filled with different colored wildflowers with a babbling creek running through it. Listening to the water, the wind in the tops of the pines, birds chirping, chipmunks scolding the birds, ahhh I can see it, smell it and hear it...bliss!!
#1 Hotel Daneli during acqua alta; #2 Casapueblo by PdE, Uruguay
Walking on the sandy beaches of St. Lucia, listening to the surf of the turquoise blue carribean sea, sipping on a frozen Pina Colada.
I wish I could teleport to... the past and tell myself "PUT DOWN THAT DONUT!" ha
the wacken heavy metal ( illegal substance ) fest in germany.
Hey yaya mama! What fun!! Ahhh. So many places, so little time.
Today, I choose to be teleported to Cabo San Lucas with no fear of drug lords.
Margaritas, serviche, y mas tiempo para gosarlos:))) Mañana, Quien sabe?
It might be fun to change our avatars to show photos of these places.
Muchas gracias por la oportunidad, Amigos. En Abrazo, Christina xo
I love these kinds of posts!!!! Thank you yaya!
Sharynmarie-can I sit by you? I will be quiet? I love running water. Love babbling brooks! Ones I can play in, with smooth beautiful river stones that massage your feet as you walk on them. And some white water areas and little waterfall falls that you can sit in.

My fantasy room
A round glass structure in the middle of a huge pristine forest. This glass dome is on stilts and high amongst the trees. The whole room is about only 10 feet in circumference and indestructible. In this dome is a plush recliner and soft throws. A huge storm is coming. It is late afternoon. You sit in the recliner curled with the throw and watch as the trees thrash and the storm builds and builds and then crescendos into a massive thunderstorm. But you know you are untouchable in the glass dome. Safe from all elements. But you can hear the storm as if you the glass walls were not there. The storm lasts a long time. But you are safe.

Well-there is a glass submarine fantasy with lights all around the structure and it can take you to the depths of the ocean and you can see all the creatures and stuff. And it is safe and indestructible and ...... You get my point.

Don't look at me like that!!! Yaya asked!!! ;0)
I want to wake up at Cascade Manor in Paarl, South Africa. Wine country. Delicious meals, waking up feeling like a princess in their comfy beds. I stayed there one night while cycling across South Africa to raise money for AIDS Ride South Africa, Ltd. 884 miles over 14 days on a bike in 2010. Hard work but these beautiful people donated to our charity a full nights lodging with dinner and breakfast. We had to leave the next day but if I could stay and walk around and take pictures, watch sunsets from the porch and savor the wines near their fireplaces, I would be there in a heartbeat. If you ever go there, please tell them we sent you. I can never repay their kindness on that long wonderful journey. Cycle on!
Wow, such beautiful journeys - from the sublime to the exotic. Thnx for sharing everyone - keep 'em coming!! @Fedup - what a great story and what an admirable effort for such a worthy cause! Kudos! @Mishka - love the dome in the trees...I'm SO there!! @christina - order a margarita for me. @capnhardass - toke one up for me @Nancy - aw, my MIL always says "doughnuts are mostly air" @debralee- mmmmm, piña coladas and the Caribbean....and maybe Johnny Depp pouring the rum? @igloo - have you been to Uruguay? Would love to hear a story! And sharynmarie - I sat by a creek just like that once many years ago, in Rocky Mtn. National park. Thnx for bringing back a beautiful're right. It was bliss!
Teleport me to the tellers window at the bank where I just cashed my first lotto check. Then on to the beach and then on to Minnesota to see my grandchild on my jet flown by my pilot. Then on the ground get into my limo driven by my driver.

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