I need help and advice. I am taking care of my father and I am getting very depressed.

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Dear cindyk,
Depression is NORMAL during these times so please know that there is lots of help out there for you and Dad. But more specificity is required on your part.
What is the nature of your Dad's illness? Who does he live with? Mom still with him? No other siblings who can/willing to help? Do you work? Full/part time? Are u married? Please try to be more specific with your questions or people are unable to support u properly.
It is extremely hard, but try to have something to look forward to in the evening for yourself, such as a hot bath, favorite tv show, etc., even if you can "unwind" for just an hour or so, I think it will help a lot.
I live with my dad and no ther siblings around and my mom and dad got divorced after 43 yrs together.And he has alot of illnesses.Plus i dont have any friends or family around and i work part time but about to lose my job because i have to take off days when my dad when he gets sick they just dropped me to 2 days a week.Is there anyway to get paid to take care of a parent.Money is really tight right now.Need help
Is there any way that a caregiver could live free in your home, in exchange for her taking care of your dad when you are at work, etc.?
Have you looked up your city or county or state elder care resources? Maybe you can get some help with someone coming in. Does your workplace fall under the family medial leave program? Would your father qualify for a nursing home if you were not there to care for him? Then maybe you can get some community diversion funding to get some help. In Florida go to the Florida Department of Elder Affairs website and find the number for the elder helpline
Information regarding elder services and activities is available through the Elder Helpline Information and Assistance service within each Florida County.

All Elder Helplines can be accessed through the Florida Telecommunication Relay System which allows telephone calls to be placed between TDD users and non-users with the help of specially trained operators translating the calls.

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