Is it just me or does anyone else feel their is a lot of fake profiles on here?

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I try my best to be helpful with my answers but it makes me angry when I realize I have wasted my time answering a guestion that's someone being an instigator!!
Why do people have to ruin a good thing?


I also think there are many aliases that people are using. This becomes most obvious when a question just does not seem right, just too strange. Often I will then check out a profile and often times these are people either only the question I have seen. Many times I will ignore or offer short responses, then just leave the topic alone.
Who knows Assa, but I just share to keep myself sane, and just let people take what they need and leave the rest.... this site is huge.... no telling how many people are on here.... but sometimes someone will read your reply and it helps them.... so don't worry about the trolls..... they are opening the door for good conversations sometimes.... I don't reply to a lot of things.... most times someone has already covered it.... but always keep in mind , you are here for you.... so share if you want.... there will always be troublemakers... and I am not talking about Captain... I love this guy.... but have had a few encounters with some pretty ugly people on here... sending you hugs....
i like some of obamas efforts but when he went to india offering jobs to impoverished indians i figured it was time to rip the telephone out of the wall. now were azz deep in cold cals and scams.
Captain... good to see you are out and about today.... tho your response had nothing to do with the question... like always, I love you anyway... hugs to you , ya old turd....
my comment isnt that far off. i sense the same writing style and butchered english in many of the questionable posts. i was born in the dark but it wasnt last night. as far as being a turd, well ya got me there..
Ohhh I see what you were doing !!!!! I'm slow, I'm old, but I'm consistent..... and you have to 'splain things to me sometimes..... you are a great turd tho Cap'n... that 's why I love ya...
I understand that sometimes it generates good advice and I know it's been asked before... I need to accept that trolls are out there but it infuriates me that have to mess up a good thing we have going here at AC! It makes it hard for me to sympathize with new members. But I guess I was new once but I had a profile!

If there's no profile I'll just leave it to someone else to respond.
Most of us "newbies" but "oldies" may wait to post a profile being reluctant to share such private matters. Not all of us are proficient writers! Facebook has caused great connections...and sometimes though...disconnections. Since I am oliveoyl...I love Popeye because he reminds me "I yam who I yam". The other words I choose to remember are: Who am I really? and The only time that exists is NOW, Most sincerely..oliveoyl or olivia
I hear ya oliveoyl ! The internet has it's good & bad...I guess I think since we're caregivers we're in this together! But I feel like some are prying on the weak.. I feel like the weak on some days.
Yes Assa, there are days we are tired beyond tired and are raw... so things being posted really hits us hard.... but like you said... if they don't have a profile, then don't answer.... some who have been here awhile and don't choose to add a profile usually don't bombard the threads anyway... they are looking and learning....but speak up when you feel the need to... if you suspect a troll, report them.... admin is very good about getting people off of here that are here for the wrong reasons.... you have valid concerns..... and you have a voice..... use it when you feel some one is being taken advantage of... it helps everyone...

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