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I need to care for my family financialy as well as care for my mom. I am unable to work outside the home because my mom is not able to be home alone for more than a max of 2hrs at a time. My mom will not have anything to do with Adult day care or an outsider coming in to stay with her. I also have a 7yr old son at home and paying for daycare is not possible.
Are there any programs that would pay me for caring for my mom? Or does anyone know of a "real" work from home job? Everything I've checked into requires me to pay money up front in order to be able to "work" for the company.
I'd appreciate any advice you might have.


Depending on what state you are in, you might be able to get some financial assistance from your mom's Medicare for being her caregiver. Check out this article on a Medicare program available in 18 states. Also, check with your local Area on Aging (find them in the phone book)
Does your mother qualify for Medicaid to help with any medical assistance?
You may qualify for homemaker if you are not Power of Attorney I have heard. Please do not quote me on that. Just a suggestion. Check with your local Senior Services they may help if not maybe lead in the direction.
I am totally frustrated and very upset at how medicaid and medicare is financially treating my 71 yr. old paralyzed, bed-ridden , alzheimers husband. We've been married for 40 yrs. 10 months, and have never been as emotionally upsetted, over a bill. He has been paralyzed since 1952, (56 years), and has never been harrassed with a $85,000.00 hospital bill, every other month, because medicare and medicaid only paid 1/3 of this bill, and has refused to pay the other $63,000.00, billed by the hospital, here, in Columbia, S.C. This man only receives a $637.00 SSI chck each month, for the two of us to live out, with utilities running over $300.00 per month. This includes $200.00 for electric/ gas
Why are they refusing to pay? Is there any other type of financail help in your state?
I feel for you because if we ever had a bill that was not paid we could not afford to pay it ourselves
Can the hospital finance office refer you to anyone to help?
Hey Brominds-
you need to contact your Medi-caid and Medi-care offices - - there is a trend for hospitals to bill patients above what these programs pay. The kicker is that if they accept Medicare & Medicaid (at least in California) they have a contract to accept it as payment in full. Don't let them harrass you - go to your local area agency on aging and ask to speak to a volunteer benefits financial advisor & hang in there.

They do this because many times the harrassment is so bad that people affirm that they will pay the money and then pay it.

take care
I just got a bill from the ambulance company saying that medicare won't pay her travel to the ER bill due to the fact that she could have been able to have me transport her to the hospital. HOWEVER, we thought she was having another stroke and had no feeling in her right leg. HOW would I have been able to carry her into the car? I had never HEARD of Medicare doing this I get to call her doctor... maybe they can help me sort this out. I have a caregiver coming into our home four hours a day monday through friday that does NOTHING but the dishes while I have to temp job...but she won't take my mom anywhere. My own mother says to me: why can't you be my caregiver and get paid instead of this person who does you do everything else PLUS look for work...
I clean her hair...she has had six strokes, and I do therapy with her...I drive her everywhere...I take her to all her appointments...I take her to dialysis... I give her her pills and insulin...I give her the can't I get benefits?
I am about to lose my car because I am scrambling looking for any kind of temp job...I always lose an assignment when they find out that I have to go to a hospital or to a doctor appointment...
DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT I CAN DO??? Please I could use some help and guidance.
First of all - contest the ambulance charge. If you have straight Medicare, call them and have all of your paperwork on medical necessity handy - you will have to file a letter...ask them for the form. If you have a medicare HMO you need to read your contract and then contact them saying again it was medically necessary.

As far as the paid person versus your shouldering the whole burden, I feel for you & have the same experience. Whether you can be classified as the caregiver for reimbursement depends on what state you are in along with what programs you are short, if there is no hope of being paid to do it yourself, you probably would be better off having a *big talk* with the caregiver -

Make a list of what the person actually does well - what you believe they could do and what is the minimum acceptable. I would advise have her do things that you can absolutely trust them with and won't regret - ie. a broken dish is nothing, a mom with a broken hip is terrible. Try to engage them and understand what their understanding of their assignment is. Of course the goal is to not have them quit - but to help out just enough to make your life easier....

any others have ideas?
This is a messge for Cat. Am sending big hugs and much gratitude your way. You gave me such a simple suggestion, so far it has dropped my stress level about 1 thousand. It has opened up space for me to be more creative in my approach to my client. I was so busy trying to get others to do things my way that I was staying in the problem.My client is also more relaxed, either she picks up my stress or she is having some good days. Either way, I really appreciate you and this site is saving my sanity. Thanks to all of you for giving of yourselves every day.
As a paid cargiver I can not imagine not doing all those things for my client. Did your caregiver understand her duties when she was hired? The family I work for did not specify my duties, but common sense tells you if you are not doing one on one with your client, you get busy doing other things. Is your caregiver thru an agency? Sometimes they are not required to transport, do housework, ect. Good caregivers are not always easy to find, but you can put and ad in the paper, check with community organizations, call nursing homes to inquire about paid help.Make sure you get references and do a background check if possible.I know this is extra work for you, but you may just get lucky and get some one who will work and who you can trust. God Bless
Hi Lindam,

Thank you for the compliment - sending hugs back to you, you have made my week. Your advice is priceless to everyone on this board. I sure wish you were in my city, your viewpoint is so refreshing.

In answer to your question, I do *mostly everything* for my mother and it has been 24 / 7 for the last 7 years, as it really is hard to find someone to work in the home that I can afford - since I believe in paying a real *livable wage* (which is something we probably both agree on). So I have someone I can trust who is in the neighborhood and benefits from the blessing of additional income, being involved as a companion and good nutrition / perks within walking distance. I know one day I may need more professional help and will keep a print out of your post as a reminder as time goes by.

I wish that one day there was a online video conference and we could all visit over the net real time, but for now it certainly is a lifeline for us all.

You take care - you are a special person!

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