4 Reasons Why Your Elderly Parent Needs a Wii (Video)


Video games are often assumed to be the purview of younger generations, content to sit around and stare at the television screen for hours on end.

But, the emerging trend of interactive gaming –the kind that gets players up and moving—can be both entertaining and beneficial, regardless of how many centuries one has tucked under their belt.

With that in mind, here are four compelling reasons why your parent needs a video game system of their very own:

1. Even the calmest among us needs to let off a little steeeeeeam once in a while:

2. It's a good way to get some at-home exercise, (sans the Richard Simmons commentary):

3. Gaming can help bridge the generation gap:

4. And finally, because it'll give them an opportunity to dance like no one's watching:

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Wow !!!!
I so loved watching these videos !! Talk about breaching the generation gap !!
Fantastic, and I wish I could dance as well as the granny. I also wish I had thought of this while my Mum was alive. She would have loved it !! (always claimed to be a "game bird")
Very inspirational
What a wonderful idea! They look so energized and happy. Thanks for sharing!
I enjoyed it too. I was even thinking father would have liked it, too. It sure got them to move! Even that one gentleman who was a great striker. I believe that he can only stand up but can't move. So, he stands, and swings his arm to hit a strike. That must have made him feel great for someone who couldn't walk but still contribute greatly to the team.