Checklist for Times When You Need Respite Care


All caregivers need some time off. But entrusting someone else to care for their loved one can cause stress and anxiety – and result in the caregiver not taking the time away they need to remain healthy, both physically and mentally.

It is essential that caregivers have planned temporary, intermittent, substitute care, allowing for relief from the daily responsibilities of caregiving. Options for respite care range from adult day care and temporary stays in assisted living residences, to in-home care and staying with a friend or relative.

This checklist can help ease the caregiver's mind, knowing that the person providing respite care has all the information he or she needs to provide complete, safe care.

Printable Respite Care Checklist

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Is any covered by insurance? I am looking for someone for my mom that insurance might cover.
This is excellent info to have on hand at all times, especially if hospitalized.
I noticed in one of comments below someone said insurance does not cover Adult Day Care. This is not entirely true, long term care insurance can be set up to pay for Adult Day Care. My parent's policy has paid for my fathers Adult Day Care at $800/month for six years and this has helped us tremendously!!