How do you physically remove someone from their home to assisted living?


Q: How do I physically remove my mom from her house to Assisted Living?

A: Please get help for yourself. That means getting help for your mom. You can't let this kill you, and it could. Get social services involved so you have a third party to help you get your mom into assisted living. Do you have durable power of attorney to make decisions for her?

This arrangement is bad for you and bad for her. No guilt needed. You can't possibly be an effective caregiver as she gets worse and worse, considering how bad it is now.

Third party help is vital. Call social services and/or go to your state's website under aging services and ask for help. You can also find information from your local Area Agency on Aging.

There will be some version of the Family Caregiver Support Program and they will give you some local connections.

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...And so, as I cared for my mother in her disabled condition for 6 weeks,
I multi- tasked to cover immediate daily needs, and seek out an assisted living place to move her to....they were all way over her financial her level of care was alot...she had lived in her home for 10 years and yet, because of the drop in property value.. it is not worth the large balance she still owes on it.
I chose to re -direct her monies w/ a new account..towards her going to live w/ a care giving friend of hers less than half the cost...which she felt much more comfortable wonder is, as we have stopped payment on the house, and wait for it to fall into she in any legal harassment by no longer paying? At 82..she is no longer concerned about her "credit"...has anyone else faced this? Thank you*
They're so right! It's easier if you have Durable Power of Attorney or Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care. But it's still possible -- no matter what.
Hopefully, the money has sorted itself out. If not, a good Elder Law Attorney should be able to help. Her only real danger is losing her house due to failure to pay taxes. Be sure to conact the state and county governments for details. Use the media to your advantage. No bank wants to be seen forclosing on a "helpfless" 82 year-old. Filing bankruptcy is another choice. House and vehichle are protected in almost every situation. If creditors begin to call, give them his number and say, Mrs. ________'s monitary affairs are being handled by Attorney ____________ at ( ) _____________. Repeat as needed for the next three calls from each company. Further harassment should be met by a threat on your part to call your county government. Any further harassment, and you should follow through. Good luck and blessings be upon you.