The Stunning Music Video Every Caregiver Must See


Glenn Bruno is 60 years old. He lives in Los Angeles, California, and assembles smoke alarms for a living. Five years ago, Glenn's wife, Robin, passed away.

After grappling with depression, Glenn emerged with a renewed purpose: "Three years ago, I dedicated myself to follow my dreams of being a performer, a dancer," he says.

In the pursuit of that very passion, Glen sent a half-minute long video clip of his dance moves to video producer Jack Wagner. Upon hearing Glenn's back story, Wagner knew he had found the perfect person to star in U.K.-based musician Alex Metric's new video "Heart Weighs a Ton."

At just over four minutes, the video is nothing short of breathtaking. It's an example of how love endures, even despite death, and serves as a reminder of the triumphs that love can inspire. As Glenn says, "That's why I do it, I dance for Robin."

Download "Heart Weighs a Ton" in the iTunes store.
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That's so beautiful! He finds some happiness in expressing his feeling thru dance. His face absolutely lights up the moment he starts to dance. Good for him for not giving up his dream of dancing and even better that he found a way to pay tribute to his wife, Robin, and keep her alive in his heart.
Yep, you can see the joy in his face as he dances. And he's not even stiff when he dances. It shows that he finds joy in it. He would fit in greatly with our elder people here on island. Every Wednesday nights, they meet at the 'farmer market' and in the foodcourt, they have music blaring out. Young and old are in the center dancing to the music.. favorites are the cha-cha. The times I went, you see the elderlies dancing just as freely like he is. You can see the joy in their faces as they dance while us younguns watch them.