Can mom pay me to be her caregiver?


Q: Is there a way to use my mother's assets to compensate me as her caregiver?

A: Possibly, depending on your situation. If no one in your family is in disagreement with the arrangement, it is perfectly legal for your mother to pay you for getting care she would otherwise have to pay someone else to provide if you didn't.

The clearest way to handle this is with a caregiver contract between you and your mother, so that your duties and her expectations, as well as the rate of pay you are to receive are spelled out in writing. An elder law attorney can prepare such a contract for you.

Be aware that payment of a salary carries with it tax obligations on your part, and contribution for you to Social Security, disability and unemployment insurance on your mother's part, in the form of deductions from your paycheck. You may need a bookkeeper to advise you.

Difficulties sometimes arise with getting paid for caregiving, as it may cause conflict with siblings or others in the family who want to inherit the funds your mother is paying for your caretaking. Before arranging such compensation, it is wise to seek the advice of an elder law attorney, to be sure there is not a problem with doing so. Such factors as available long-term care insurance, if your mother has such a policy, trying to become eligible for Medicaid, and other factors can complicate the arrangement of your mother paying you for caregiving. Her competence to decide to pay you out of her assets is also a consideration to discuss with the elder law attorney.

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to agecare222 That's a really nice sentiment since it is clear you have plenty of financial resources, help of 2 others and obviously no need to earn money for your own survival. If you don't like being judged, do not make judgements on others. Most often siblings want Mom's $$$ do not help and are happily working full time and investing for their own benefit with an occasional jolly visit. What about Mom not parting with a dime of her $$$ and the poor good hearted slob who does it all without help and no appreciation nor compensation for survival ? Think about it happypants.
I live next door to my 93 yr. old Mom, and she is totoly deaf, I cook and take care of her. I am moving, she says she is not going. I need to purchase her a small mobil home so I will have help with her care. Sons and daughterinlaw. I am 72 but I don't have any access to her money. what can I do, I am also a widow.
I totally understand because I also am in the same situation with my parents.
Seems like I am saving medicare and state alot of money taking care of
my parents. Help me take care of them! My health and health issues are unattended due to the fact I can't find time for me. Nor can I work and take good care of my 83 and 84 yr. old parents with different needs. They worked all there lives to be able to stay in their own home. They help me when they can but it is not enough for me to maintain. I have know Idea what to do!