Who is Allowed to Dispense Medication at Assisted Living Facilities?


Q: Are nurse's aides and healthcare technicians qualified to dispense medication at assisted living?

A: Each state has specific regulations regarding qualifications for those dispensing medications in the various kinds of licensed facilities, like hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities.

In some states, medication dispensing is strictly prohibited. This is when the assisted living facilities are considered the non-medical models.

I would encourage you to check with your state's assisted living association or with the state department that regulates them. You may also find the answer on websites specific to your state.

Lynn Harrelson is a pharmacist who specializes in medication and prescription management for seniors. She provides health care services and information that help individuals remain independent in their homes, retirement and assisted living facilities.

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Assisted Living/Memory Care community should have Med-Techs that have completed a certification class. I would ask your community Resident Care Director or Executive Director and also check your state regulations.