Both My Parents have Dementia. Can They Live Together in Assisted Living?


Q: Both of my parents have dementia. Do any assisted living have rooms with 2 bedrooms to accommodate a couple?

A: Some assisted living facilities do have units that work well for a couple. In other cases, they can assign a double room or two rooms adjacent to each other.

It really depends upon your parents needs and the physical layout of the facility. For example, if one of your parents needs to be in a secured memory unit but the other doesn't, they might have to be in different areas of the same building.

In other cases, the facility can offer a one-bedroom apartment with a living room so that if one of your parents wants to read while the other wants to sleep, they can do so without disturbing one another.

Regardless, you should be able to find successful options for a couple living together in an assisted living facility.

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