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Senior Housing

Assisted Living

Assisted Living is a long-term care residence for elderly people who need help with personal care and activities of daily living, but who do not need to be treated by healthcare professionals such as doctors and nurses.
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Alzheimer's Care

Alzheimer's Care is most often an assisted living community or a nursing home that offers dedicated memory care programs. This level of service can vary substantially. One place might only provide limited assistance, while another could offer more comprehensive care. Typically, within these communities, you'll find special care units that offer residents a safe environment and are equipped to handle the special needs of Alzheimer's and dementia residents. Today, you can also find communities that solely specialize in Alzheimer's care.
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Independent Living

Independent living is housing for seniors who are able to take care of themselves, but want to live in a community with other elderly people. Independent living offers a safe, secure, maintenance-free home in a community that has social activities designed for senior citizens.
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Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are long-term care residences for elderly people with chronic health conditions or injuries that require the elder to be under constant medical supervision and have access to medical care, including doctors and nurses, 24 hours a day. Nursing homes are also known as skilled nursing facilities or rest homes.
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Senior Services

Home Care

Home care provides services such as health care and personal care assistance in an elderly person's home. The elder remains at home while receiving help with bathing, dressing, cleaning, medications and more from home health aides, nurses and/or physical therapists.
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Adult Day Care

Adult day care is a place where elderly people can go to be looked after while their caregiver works, run errands or simply take a break. Adult day care services provide a safe, secure and social environment for elderly people to visit for a few hours or a full day.
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Geriatric Care Managers

Geriatric care managers specialize in managing an elderly person's total care, including health care, financial needs and legal services. The geriatric care manager is similar to a case manager, who assesses the elderly person's needs, create a plan for care and coordinates with doctors, lawyers, financial professionals and community resources.
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Area Agencies on Aging

An Area Agency on Aging is a federally-mandated agency in your county or city. This agency is staffed by professionals who know every elder program and service, including available funding sources, in your area. Staff is often aided by volunteers who serve as drivers for transport and Meals-on-Wheels, for respite services and other duties.
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Critically ill patients who have less than 6 months to live receive hospice care, either in their home or at a hospice facility. Hospice care controls pain, treats symptoms and makes the dying person as comfortable as possible. Hospice improves the quality of a patient's last days by offering comfort and dignity.
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Funeral Homes

Funeral homes make arrangements for services and memorials following the death of a loved one. Funeral homes and funeral directors provide traditional funerals, funeral receptions, viewings, memorial services, burials, caskets, cremation services, urns, obituaries, eulogies and funeral music. Funeral directors can also help with cemeteries, headstones, vaults and mausoleums.
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Cemeteries are places where bodies and cremated remains are buried and laid to rest. Cemeteries are burial grounds, and include graves, headstones, monuments, cemetery flower holders, vaults and mausoleums.
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Elder Law Attorneys

Elder law attorneys specialize in providing legal services for the elderly and those planning for the aging process. The legal issues handled by an elder law attorney include advance health care directives, powers of attorney, guardianship, living wills, trusts, planning for long-term care, Medicaid planning, resident rights in long-term care facilities, and estate, income and gift tax matters.
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