• An Army of One
    Look around. Whom do you see? All across the world, in every country, we are there. We are the caregivers. Yet we are alone.
    Every story is different
  • Technologies I Wish I’d Had While Caregiving
    There weren't nearly as many technologies available to help caregivers when I was looking after my loved ones.
    New kinds of support
  • Medicaid vs. Medicare: Who covers what?
    Nursing home costs may be covered by either Medicare or Medicaid, but how do you determine which program will pay for your loved one's stay?
    Different criteria for coverage
    Three families share their personal stories of living life with Alzheimer's
    "There is hope in not being alone."

From The Experts

Geriatric Psychiatrists: How Can We Help You?

Geriatric Psychiatrists: How Can We Help You?
I am a geriatric psychiatrist; what is that? Caring for older adults requires a special understanding of their physical, emotional and social needs.

You Can Change Your Brain’s Destiny Today

You Can Change Your Brain’s Destiny Today
Alzheimer's affects some 5.4 million Americans; and it is a disease for which there is no cure. It's important to consider this disease to be preventable.

Sources of a Senior's Bad Mood

Sources of a Senior's Bad Mood
Caring for the elderly can be challenging. The key to managing a difficult loved one is understanding what is causing their bad mood.


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