Senior Care Products

Find products to lighten your daily caregiving workload and help your loved one remain independent as long as possible.

Bathroom & Bathing

Bathroom products for the elderly. Products to aid seniors: toilet seats, shower seats, walk-in bat tubs, grab bars for bathing and bath lift systems.

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Bedroom & Sleeping

Products to help seniors & elderly people sleep better. Products to help with sleeping issues include: Bed trays, rails, pads, mattress covers and pillows.

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Exercise & Fitness

Exercise and fitness equipment tailored to the needs of seniors. Products and supplies designed to make workouts safe and effective for the elderly and physically limited.

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Health & Medical Supplies

Medical supply products for taking care of the elderly at home. Medical supplies that help make taking care of the elderly at home easier.

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Home & Household

Assistive devices, aids and home and household products to help the elderly live safe in their home.

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Supplies for adults dealing with incontinence, including adult diapers, protective underwear, disposable pads and liners, mattress covers, cleansers, deodorants and skin care.

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Kitchen & Eating

Products to help elderly with eating their food. Eating utensils, kitchen tools, weighted utensils, jar openers, easy grip silverware and more.

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Leisure & Recreation

Recreation products for seniors and the elderly. Keep seniors busy and active with games, activities, books, computer software and more.

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Medical Alert Systems

Systems designed to notify emergency services and caregivers of an accident, such as a fall, involving a senior who lives on their own, including: wearable pendants and watches with manual and automatic alerts.

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Mobility products for the elderly are essential when living at home. Mobility products include walkers, wheelchairs, canes, ramps, and portable wheelchairs.

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Organization Tools

Caregivers can make it easier to stay organized while taking care of their elderly parents with these products.

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Personal Care & Dressing

Aids to help the elderly who are handicapped or have arthritis with getting dressed and with their daily personal care.

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Security, Safety & Falls

Elderly safety products to make sure your loved ones stay safe in their home. Products include: personal monitors, medical alert systems, exit alarms, motion detectors, no-slip mats and more.

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Vision & Hearing

Products for the blind, elderly with low vision, hearing impaired, deaf and those with loss of hearing. Products include: amplified phones, reading aids, hearing aids and more.

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