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14 mins ago

Out-of-Town Siblings Might Feel Shut Out of Caregiving Article

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14 mins ago

Alone and caring for sister at home

Created by snookie000

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31 mins ago

Exploring the Concept of Gender-Specific Senior Living Article

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32 mins ago

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Carol Bradley Bursack
Author, Speaker, Elder Care Expert

Over the span of 20 years, author, columnist and speaker Carol Bradley Bursack cared for seven elders. She shares her personal caregiving experiences, and provides advice and hope for others in similar situations.

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Tonight I was able to tuck my mother in bed like she did me when I was a child. She was calm, we laughed and she giggled. I will treasure this because most evenings are spent with her spiraling ...
So that Mother and I have a memorable time together during my weekly visits I have been reading old letters to her that are 50+ years and older. She is blind so reading letters works better than ...

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