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May I vent?

Created by mrnmsfrog1

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33 mins ago

A so called friend.

Created by Cknutson

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1 hr ago

Dead bolts on all doors!

Created by willows

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1 hr ago

The Caregiver....How are YOU doing today?

Created by Jam

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2 hrs ago

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Carol Bradley Bursack
Author, Speaker, Elder Care Expert

Over the span of 20 years, author, columnist and speaker Carol Bradley Bursack cared for seven elders. She shares her personal caregiving experiences, and provides advice and hope for others in similar situations.

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A few months ago I asked how to take car keys from a person who gets angry at the very idea. Someone suggested an outside evaluation so the key removal would not come from me. My Dr. suggested ...
I'm not a care giver for this man. I'm his HCPOA and POA. He is so darned cheap, he buys his milk by the gallon and freezes it because it's cheaper. Won't get a Life Alert because it costs money. He ...

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