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How to Find Low-Cost Prescription Drugs

Studies have shown that as many as one in five older patients with chronic health problems are cutting back on their medications simply because they cost too much, according to John Piette, Ph.D., a research scientist and a faculty member at U-M Health System. "Prescription drug costs are a very big problem for Americans, especially for those who are elderly or have chronic medical problems."

Despite the costs, too many people get into the routine of going to the same, often closest pharmacy every month to have prescriptions filled. But driving a mile or two down the road could save hundreds of dollars a month. That's because the price of drugs varies according to pharmacy, and in some cases, the variance is significant.

Take, for example, 84-year-old Margaret. Every month she goes to the same pharmacy, less than a mile from her home, to have her prescriptions filled. compared prices at three different pharmacies, all within three miles of each other. If Mary were to drive a mile further down the road, she would save nearly $200 per month.

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