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Is it Time for Assisted Living?

Many people often worry about their aging loved ones long before deciding it is time for assisted living. Below you will find resources and tools to help you recognize the warning signs and take action once you decide it is time for assisted living.

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Signs That Indicate it's Time for Assisted Living

Knowing when parents need help Weight loss, unexplained injuries, a run down house; learn to see the signs that can indicate it's time for assisted living.
20 warning signs to watch for Your parents think they can still take care of themselves, but you've seen the red flags. What can you do?
When one spouse can no longer care for the other Issues of guilt must be balanced with the reality that your parent may not be physically and emotionally able to continue being a caregiver.

How to Start the Talk

Choose your words carefully The words you choose can make all the difference. Here are 6 ways to break the ice and start the talk about assisted living.
When a little convincing is needed You know they need to go to assisted living, but how do you get parents who are stubborn or worried to make the big move?
Before talking with resistant elders If your elders are resistant, it can help to do some initial research before raising the subject again.

Alternatives to Assisted Living

Senior housing options Understand the various options with this helpful overview of home care, independent living, assisted living and nursing homes.
Choosing senior care based on your parent's needs While there are many senior housing options, caregivers need to think carefully about their loved one's needs.

Questions You May Have About Assisted Living

Frequently asked questions about assisted living Find answers to common questions like: Can we move in mom's sofa? Who administers meds? What happens in an emergency?
What if siblings can't agree? When siblings can't agree on an elderly parent's care needs, it might be time to bring in an objective third party.
Can couples live together? Many assisted living residences can accommodate couples who wish to live together.

Resistance to Assisted Living

7 reasons why seniors resist assisted living Experts share how to respond to seven of the most common objections that elders have about assisted living.
When they won't even get out of the car After months, you’ve finally convinced mom to tour an assisted living facility. But, when you arrive, she won’t get out of the car. Now what?
Removing a resistant elder by force When your parent is not safe at home but refuses to consider moving to assisted living, it may be time to escalate matters.

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