Products for Vision and Hearing Impairments for Seniors |

Vision & Hearing Products

Find products to lighten your daily caregiving workload and help your loved one remain independent as long as possible.

Eye Drop Dispenser

Assists those suffering from long-term eye conditions with getting eye drops into the eye.

Sennheiser Set 840 TV Amplifying System

Sennheiser’s Set 840 is a TV amplifying system that offers three customizable hearing settings for a personalized listening experience. RF wireless transmission allows listeners to stay tuned to their favorite TV programs while in another room or even out in the yard (up to 100 feet).

TV Ears

Designed to improve quality of life and help seniors hear voices and sounds from the television.

OveRx Cocoon Sunglasses

These sunglasses simply go over prescription eyewear, allowing your elderly parent sun protection while still being able to see clearly.

Beam N Read ® Extra Bold, Large Print Keyboard Stickers

Extra-bold, high contrast, large print keyboard stickers in 4 different color combinations to meet a variety of vision needs. 109 stickers on each sheet with stickers for both PCs and Macs.

Beam N Read ® LED 6 Deluxe Hands Free Light

Provides an extra wide & bright light for caregivers and seniors needing task lighting for reading, writing, knitting, walking and other tasks.

Talking Rx

Seniors with poor vision can take their medications correctly with the Talking Rx's talking directions.

Pocketalker Amplifier

Pocketalker Ultra System amplifies sounds closest to the listener while reducing background noise.

VTech CareLine Answering System with Pendant

VTech CareLine Answering System with Pendant

Big Button Picture Phone

This picture phone is absolutely fantastic for those that have sight issues.

Audio Fox Wireless TV Listening Device

The Audio Fox is a complete solution if you have loss of hearing or if you prefer a different volume level than others around you. It is your own personal volume control!

TV Sound Amplifier

ClearSounds amplifier is a great way for seniors with hearing loss to enjoy TV.

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