Incontinence Products (Adult Diapers)

  • 8 Tips for Traveling with Urinary Incontinence

    Travel plans can run into any number of speedbumps, but incontinence doesn’t have to be one of them. Use these pointers to prevent embarrassing situations and ensure that the journey is as enjoyable as the destination itself.

  • How to Convince a Senior to Wear Adult Diapers

    Pro tip: Strike the word diaper from your vocabulary. There are ways to encourage a loved one to address incontinence issues, but they require patience, understanding and a commitment to upholding your loved one’s dignity.

  • How to Choose the Best Adult Diaper

    There are many continence care products like “adult diapers” on the market for seniors who are living with urinary incontinence. Use these tips to find a product that fits well, minimizes leaks, helps maintain skin integrity and improves quality of life.

  • Caring for a Loved One with Fecal Incontinence

    Millions of adults have bowel control problems, but most are reluctant to talk about this condition and seek help. Get the information you need to start the discussion, explore treatment options and help your loved one improve their quality of life.

  • Next-Generation Undergarments Defend Against Falls, Infections

    Thanks to advances in wearable technology, a new generation of undergarments that defend against falls and infections may soon be available to seniors and their caregivers.

  • Dementia and Incontinence: 10 Tips for Caregivers

    Occasional incontinence events or “accidents” commonly progress into chronic incontinence issues during the middle to late stages of Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

  • Stop Incontinence From Sabotaging Your Summer

    Incontinence affects more than half of Americans over age 65. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ensure symptoms don’t interfere with summer plans.

  • How to Handle Adult Incontinence Incidents

    While incontinence is a common senior health condition, it is widely stigmatized. Handling accidents, toileting and incontinence care can be embarrassing for both caregivers and seniors, but a few tips can help these tasks go more quickly and smoothly.

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