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Care Plan Articles

The 6 activities of daily living (ADLs) are used as important measures for determining the level of care a senior requires and their eligibility for services and financial assistance.

"Home care" and "home health care" are two terms that are often used interchangeably, but they are very different in what they offer. Learn what services each provides to determine which is the best fit for your needs.

So, you've decided to hire someone to help you care for your loved one. The home care industry is competitive, which is good for consumers, but it can still be difficult to navigate. Use these guidelines to compare and evaluate potential providers and make a confident decision.

A veteran caregiver with more than a decade of experience offers tips for time management and shares his robust system for organizing daily tasks and reducing caregiver stress.

Understanding what stage of heart failure a senior is in and learning how to help them manage their lifestyle to minimize symptoms can provide you both with added comfort and confidence.

It is crucial for seniors and their family members to fully utilize all resources available to them. Social workers are an excellent source of support and guidance for those dealing with medical issues, caregiving and the end of life.

Get advice on how to discuss long-term care planning, form your care team, create a personalized organizational strategy with a printable care plan template, get real care plan examples, and find elder care professionals who can help you execute your plan.

Experienced caregivers share the most efficient and innovative aspects of the care plans they have created for their loved ones. Use these examples to see if you could incorporate some of their tips into your own caregiving routine.

Family caregivers require adequate structure and support in order to meet all of their loved ones’ needs and make time for their own self-care. Find out how to employ the same tool professionals use to succeed at caregiving.

In order to be successful, every caregiver needs a care plan and a team to help them execute it. A well-rounded roster of friends, family and professionals can help you provide quality care and prevent burnout.

When a loved one needs to go to a skilled nursing facility for rehabilitation following a surgery or procedure, it can be difficult for family members to know how to handle this transition period. See how you can help your loved one get healthy again.

One of the most frustrating aspects of dementia is its unpredictability. You never know when it will manifest, how quickly it will progress or how it may change you or your loved one. My only advice is to embrace the unexpected.

Are your affairs in order? Have you ever considered what would happen to your loved one if something happened to you? It is crucial to plan for the worst and hope for the best when you are caring for a loved one.

In-home care providers can help seniors engage in life outside of their homes. Learn how professional caregivers enrich clients’ daily routines by accompanying them to appointments, religious services, and social events.

Caregivers often spend their own time and money looking after aging family members. A personal care agreement is a great tool for tracking your contributions, ensuring you’re fairly compensated and safeguarding your loved one’s Medicaid eligibility.

Tempers can flare when an aging relative has a crisis and family members have varying opinions. Here are some steps for getting the family to agree on a care plan.

The 2015 Cost of Care study reveals where to find the cheapest long term care in America, as well as where in the country long term care is the costliest.

Once a care plan has been established, it should be reviewed and updated periodically in order to ensure its effectiveness for both the senior and their caregiver.

It helps to look at aging as a potential fire; the chance of a major disaster is low, but you can still evaluate the potential risk areas and plan for unexpected crises with aging emergency 'fire drills.'

When you first realize you may have to take care of your aging parent(s), the task can seem overwhelming. Here's an easy-to-follow action plan for adult children to follow.
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